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Social media video marketing has become the latest and greatest opportunity for businesses to connect with customers. When compared to photo and text-based marketing, videos are more immersive and engaging. Furthermore, they work better with the various algorithms to gain more traction in the newsfeed.

For a social media video marketing strategy to be successful, businesses must develop a plan that’s in alignment with their brand. Here are three effective tactics for building a successful social media video marketing strategy. 

Create and Participate in Challenges

One of the greatest opportunities for modern companies to connect and go viral is through the creation of and participation in video challenges. Chipoltle was a pioneer in creating video challenges on TikTok and set the stage with their innovative content. 

The Lid Flip Challenge elicited over 111,000 participants within the first six days of its launch. Additionally, this challenge was integral in increasing the TikTok app’s downloads shortly after launch. Chipotle’s follow-up Guac Dance Challenge was even more successful, with 250,000 submissions during the six-day period

Brands can get creative and launch their own challenges with branded hashtags to encourage user engagement and extend their reach. Additionally, participating in other user and brand challenges can also contribute to higher views, shares, and engagement. 

The Dalgona whipped coffee challenge was a trending hit during the start of the global pandemic. Many users and brands participated in this viral challenge, adding their unique flavor to the content. One of the more recent challenges is the “How it Started vs. How it’s Going” trend on Instagram.

By taking part in existing challenges, brands can hop on trending hashtags and connect with the audience in an authentic, fun-loving way.

Go Live

Another strategy for connecting with customers and boosting engagement through social media video marketing is to go live. Social media content creators can go live on various platforms— check here to see each platform’s live capabilities and best practices.  

Live videos are effective for a multitude of reasons. This format boosts engagement by allowing your audience to interact with a human, sharing questions and feeling heard. Another benefit is that platforms like Facebook and Instagram will send a notification to your followers, telling them that you’re going live. This feature will circumvent their scrolling and capture their attention.

Another benefit of live social media marketing videos is that you can cross-promote and repurpose each video into other content. As such, your business can get a high ROI on each piece.

Some topics to cover while going live include:

  • Sneak peeks behind the scenes
  • Conversations about important issues
  • Q&A sessions
  • Tutorials
  • Webinar training
  • Interviews

Get creative, and don’t hesitate to hit that “go live” button as a part of your strategy.

Partner with Influencers

Finally, another effective strategy is to partner with influencers and have them do what they do best: create video content on your behalf. This approach’s benefit is that businesses can access new audience members and build a robust sales funnel. Furthermore, you can tap into the creative minds and put the onus of content creation on them.

While some influencers request payment up-front, others are willing to follow a revenue share or affiliate payment model. This approach allows companies to scale their marketing spend according to the revenue it generates. 

When working with an influencer, it’s crucial to have brand standards and agreement terms in place. It’s also integral to find a video marketing influencer whose values align with the overall brand mission. Once those key puzzle pieces are put in place, give your partners space to be creative and add their personal flair to your marketing content. 

Final Thoughts

With these three strategies, you can connect with customers and capitalize on social media video marketing’s many benefits. Take some time after each campaign to determine which content resonates with your audience and where the opportunities for improvement lie. 

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