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Although you haven’t figured it out, we usually use artificial intelligence (AI) in Digital Marketing to optimize user experience and automate several everyday processes, without dispensing with the human factor, which is still essential for making strategic decisions.

In this post we tell you what applications have artificial intelligence in the different areas of Digital Marketing.

Generation and curation of content

Artificial intelligence allows you to create useful and personalized content for users of your website. Mass media such as BBC, The New York Times, Reuters or The Washington Post use this technology to write soft news, such as, sports results, weather forecasts, etc., from data sources with the aim of journalists have more time to produce quality information that requires interpretation and contextualization.

In addition, AI is used to make recommendations based on the tastes and browsing habits, same as Amazon and Netflix do, offering relevant suggestions for products that may interest to their users.

Digital advertising

Digital advertising is the area where artificial intelligence is most developed. We have the example of Google Ads, which has an automatic system based on auctions so that advertisers can pay the lowest possible cost per conversion.

Facebook Ads also uses machine learning and AI to analyze user information, such as demographic data, interests and other important aspects to detect the best audience for a brand.


Currently, many companies such as Sephora already have chatbots to answer their clients’ questions quickly, efficiently and 24/7. Therefore, chatbots simplify the process of automating answers to open-ended questions and reduce waiting times, since they can hold a conversation with several people at the same time.

Voice search

It is very likely that in the very near future, voice searches will become more relevant in online searches because innovations such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Siri and Cortana facilitate searches with the simple click of a button and talk to it.

For this reason, Google’s automatic learning algorithm, RankBrain, was created to interpret voice searches and provide the best results to the user, according to language and context. All is possible through AI.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is another successful application of artificial intelligence that Apple and Facebook are already using, for example, to protect their users personal information against cyber-attacks.

Instagram and Snapchat also use AI to introduce the famous filters in their applications.


As you can see, artificial intelligence opens the door to endless applications in the field of Digital Marketing, bringing great benefits to both users and companies.

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