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In Nementio we believe in Inbound Marketing and in its advantages, such as a 50% increase in the sales opportunities compared with traditional marketing. However, this increase does not mean that this methodology is easy to implement in your working plan.

Otherwise, it could bring headaches if you want to achieve good results with it. Now, we will give you some tips for your company to be Inbound.

1. Write a blog

Create relevant and quality content for your audience is essential if you want to implement an inbound strategy. How we distribute that content is another key aspect of this methodology. Many experts agree that companies need to invest in content creation and distribution at the same time. In Nementio we will help you to do it.

One of the most difficult parts of blogging is to define the topics you want to write about. Thanks to social media, competitor’s blogs and news websites you can define the needs, the behavior of your buyer personas and the relevant keywords. Don’t forget to segment the information you collect depending on the stage of the buying process.

2. Create an offer that people loves

It’s fine to distribute your post on the Internet to have more visits but don’t forget your inbound objective, the increase of your sales possibilities.

Nowadays, consumers are more demanding, they want quality and relevant content from you to know your brand and to fall in love with it. For example, ebooks, videos or webinars.

3. Create an efficient landing page

Now that we have created quality content, what else do we need? It’s simple, a landing page where we can generate leads. Landing Pages are the online agents of your company, that’s why they have to be flawless.

These are some tips to achieve it:

  • The header has to be clear and focused on the action.
  • Explain briefly and precisely the content offer.
  • Include forms adjusted to the offer’s value.
  • It needs to be visually attractive with videos or images.
  • Add social sharing icons.
  • Link the form to a thank you page.

4. Spread your message

The blog helps you to promote the messages and the content we have created but there are many other ways. It could be by sharing and posting on social media, with influencers or creating an active community. Our content should be adjusted to different formats where our customers invest their time to be more relevant for the user.

5. Use mailing campaigns, but be careful

Emails have always been criticized but it is a fantastic promotion method for your web and your offers used by the 90% of the B2B advertisers. The reason is simple, it allows us to personalize the content as much as we can by segmenting the contacts in different variables.

But be careful! This method can be very helpful but it can harm your company if we don’t understand that we can’t be very invasive with your customers.

6. Measure, measure… and measure

Inbound Marketing needs data and analysis as other marketing strategies. It doesn’t matter if we use the famous ROI or other KPI’s to measure (visits, conversion rates or new customers). One important KPI to take into account is the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) since it is vital to understand the exact valuation of each customer so you can allocate, shift, or reduce resources to be as profitable as possible.

These KPI’s will allow us to know if your efforts are obtaining the expected results or if, on the contrary, it is necessary that we change some aspects of your campaign.

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