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Your company probably has a marketing strategy focused on a target audience to make them buy your product or service. However, it is very important to have a marketing strategy dedicated to our own company too, what we call Corporate Marketing.

This kind of strategies make the organizations investing part of their resources in Corporate Marketing actions to improve productivity. But, what can we expect from these actions?

What is corporate marketing exactly?

We could define it as the set of techniques used to “sell” the brand to the workers with the purpose of improving their motivation and productivity.

In recent years we have seen the peak of corporate campaigns in companies like Google, Apple or Banco Santander. That is because some studies have demonstrated that a motivated and happy employee will be more faithful to the company.

Bigger corporations put to work the human resources team with the directors to develop better working atmosphere, building good relationships between different departments and between the workers.

Which are the advantages of corporate marketing?

The benefits of all these actions are not only for the employee but also to the company, it’s a big opportunity to improve the results.

  • Create corporate identity. It encourages the organization philosophy in each action the company accomplish and in every element of the intern communication.
  • Stablish your own work culture. Promoting common working routines for all the employees.
  • Make the workers important. Offering the opportunity to give their opinion and ideas to improve the working processes.

How can I create a corporate marketing plan?

These actions are not only for big corporations. Now we will give you some tips to create your own plan, it’s time to improve the relationship with your workers.

  1. Define clear objectives to know which actions take next. An example of objective could be a productivity increase.
  2. Segment your workers to focus your marketing actions. This will allow you to create specific actions for different employees and motivate them to increase the productivity.
  3. Plan and communicate effectively. For each marketing actions you have plan, devote an specific budget, clarify the details and put dates to the events you have think about. After that is time to communicate the workers throughout intern channels that you have many activities planned for them.
  4. Look for cooperation: Company’s hierarchy shouldn’t affect the corporate actions. All departments and members of the organization must work together to get the best results. For that you can organize workshops or activities where all teams can work together to learn from the others.

Corporate marketing examples

If you want to start with your corporate strategy but you don’t know how, we bring you some examples and ideas.

Recognition: Reward the effort of your employees, you will make them feel more implicated in the organization. It’s not necessary to increase their salary, there are many other ways to motivate them try to be original and find other things that makes them happy.

Professional development: For all the employees is essential the learning and the possibility to grow as professionals inside the company.

Knowledge of the products or services: If workers want to achieve all the task successfully, they need to know exactly which the details of the items they are selling. It is impossible to sell a product or a service you don’t believe in.

Promotion of equal opportunities: All workers should be asses in the same way, independently of their position. Only with an atmosphere where they feel comfortable they will have the courage to propose new ideas to improve the activities they are currently doing. Listen and let them shine with their ideas.

Now that you know some marketing actions, would you implement them in your company?

If you need help to start with your marketing strategy, even if It is for the corporation or for the audience, don’t hesitate to contact with us. In Nementio we are happy to help you!


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