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A SaaS business model calls the one that has an operational structure in the cloud, that is, it provides cloud computing resources. The services you can offer are hosted on virtual servers or under the vendor’s full domain.

It differs from the software that we consider traditional in that these are accessed through a web browser, in which it is necessary to have your user and your key to be able to use said SaaS. As simple as that, without downloading anything or installing it.

SaaS model types

As usual, being such an eye-catching service for its ease in implementing it in the enterprise, we have a huge variety of SaaS products in our hands. Almost as many as your imagination gets.

Here are some of the ones we consider to be the most important SaaS application groups:

  • Content, communication, and collaboration: ECM, Electronic identification, E-mail, Tools for team collaboration, conferences…
  • Customer relationship management: CRM, sales, marketing, service, and support…
  • Creating digital content
  • Business Resource Planning (ERP): Human capital management, personal hiring, template optimization, financial management…
  • Office packages
  • Supplies
  • Expenses
  • Instant messaging for businesses
  • Warehouse management

For example, some of the applications that have succeeded the most in 2020 are:

  • Slack: Application that is defined as chay, but that integrates video calling functions, teamwork… Etc. Great for the times ahead.
  • Trello: Great application based on a task whiteboard, visible to several members. The app gives you several options, such as adding data to each task or subtask, end dates, visual options… Etc. Easy to use and perfect to run an organization of your work.

Advantages of SaaS models

Less investment in infrastructure

In a company, it’s normal that when you want to increase a department or add some new functionality, you need to have new infrastructure. By size for employees, by a utility to perform that function…

In this case, it is no longer necessary to invest in anything, only in the payment of access to that application and in the use that you will give it. You’ll save time and space.


Now it is no longer just the infrastructure disorder, but then all of it must have good maintenance, care, updates… etc.

Concerning the software, in the SaaS model, the provider assumes all responsibility for maintenance, because many times, they execute them without your knowledge. This again will save us a lot of time.

Automatic updates

SaaS models are within many technologies, completely dependent on upgrades. Both coding and security evolve very quickly so you must update each bit.

Suppliers ensure updates under their rigorous policies.

Online care

Just as they take care of having updates, it is very normal that problems arise. Not in SaaS, but any worked aspect. In this case, all Sass have online care not to leave their customers without their services.

This helps us not to have to invest in specialized labour in these processes.

Optimizing resources

A SaaS model helps us to have much more accurate control of our resources. There is no waste in these apps as they take care of making you pay a fair price, so you need.

Doesn’t have a strong initial investment

Most of the time you want to put in place a new process in the company comes from many meetings, many calculations, and great economic efforts. They usually have large investments, which take years to recover that amount. In this case, we are talking about technologies that, at all, require such investments.

Therefore, if the capital invested is low, large profits and ROI is lower, investment is likely to be more financially viable.


At the time we are at, with the work to the order of the day, these systems are perfect to adapt to any situation. In this case, being a cloud and online service, you can use it from any device and anywhere.

This gives a huge advantage of adaptation, as you will not depend on equipment for your workers or difficulties in hiring because of their places of residence.

Get reviews from past users

Currently, it is very fashionable to value all the applications or buy that you make online. This could be called a win-win of company and consumers because if you give a good service and you are valued well, you have a very powerful free advertising.

On the other hand, for consumers, it is life insurance, as others have experimented with that application and can help them make decisions.


SaaS business is moving fast and it’s no coincidence. All of them make companies happy, offering a good, cheap, and comfortable service.

If you need more information about these services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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