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The letter of introduction to your business is your website. It is where you make the first impact on your future client and create the first impression of your company. That is why we consider it a necessity to make it as easy as possible for the customer to navigate your website. One of these needs is language. Translating your website into Spanish to make it more attractive and many other benefits that we will explain below.

Why translate your website into Spanish?

When you open a business, the first thing you try to do is to get local customers. This happens because you start to move into areas where you think you can have more control of the situation.

What happens over time?

Most of the time, you have already reached extensive coverage, so it is difficult for you to get a high number of customers. This means that with the things you have done “always” it is difficult to attract new people to your product. That’s why one of the solutions that can bring you the best results is to make your website available in another language.

Spanish vs. other languages

When choosing a language to put on your website, you should look at the number of people you can reach by using that language. In other words, translating into a language with fewer speakers is not the same as translating into a language that is in the top 3. That is why we are going to argue why Spanish is among the chosen ones.

  • Number of global speakers

    It is very important to look at how many people speak that language globally. That is, we have to take into account how many people can reach your content if you put it in a certain language. Many languages have gone viral in terms of their use because they are used in many countries. In the image below, we can see that Spanish is a language used by 534 million people. A sufficiently high number to be attractive.

    global speakers
  • Native speakers of the language

    Although the previous figure was very relevant, it is a figure that should be studied together with this one. That is why we are now looking at the number of native speakers of the language. A native speaker is a person who “learned to speak the language of the place where he/she was born as a child instead of learning it as a foreign language”.

    native speakers

If we look at the image above we can see that the majority of Spanish speakers are native speakers, which means that their searches are most likely to be in Spanish. They will feel more comfortable in this language.
The only language that surpasses Spanish is Mandarin Chinese. On the other hand, we can see that English has moved up to third place in terms of native speakers. This means that 2 out of 3 people who know English are not native speakers. They may consume content in English, but it is possible that it is not their first choice.

5 benefits of having your website in Spanish.

  1. Increased number of customers

    Once you have created your product, you need to sell it. That’s why we believe this should be at the top of the list of benefits of having your website in Spanish.
  2. Search engine benefits

    One of the pillars of your website is to be recognised by search engines. Placing your website in the first positions in search engines will make you much more efficient and will make customers click on your content.
    If you have your website in languages with many searches and well-optimised content, you will surely get these search engines to treat you with greater authority.

  3. Adaptation to the new era

    We are currently in a situation, with the COVID-19 pandemic, where the digitalisation of businesses is becoming very big. More businesses are going digital. This means that the ability to give a customer added value in terms of the translation will make us more up to date with today’s customer.

  4. Competitive advantage

    In many cases, it is difficult to generate competitive advantages in terms of product or simply to attract customers because of those competitive advantages. The competitive advantages of your product can give you benefits when the product is more established. This means that at a time of product introduction it is essential that you have the ability to cater to people with different language needs. If we go to tools such as SaaS, having the application in a language such as Spanish will generate great expansion opportunities.

  5. Low investment for high returns

    Translating a website into Spanish does not require a large investment. You simply need to find the right marketing agency to get a good translation and localisation of your website.
    This means that it is not enough just to translate. You need to make sure that the company that does the translation knows the jargon of the area where you want to run your business.
    The investment will be minimal compared to the benefits it can bring you if you execute it well.


    The digital presence of a company is, nowadays, key to its good development. A customer looking for your product must be able to find you in their native language. That is why we ask you a question.
    How much would it cost to reach 460,000,000 native speakers?
    Cost-effectively reach that number by translating your website into Spanish.
    Talk to us if you need advice.


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