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Within our inbound marketing strategy, the integration of an SEO method that gives us an impact of our content on the web. Backlinks are a very important part of getting yourself seen on the web. 

The SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) is called the set of actions that are aimed at improving the positioning of a website. Within this method, there are several actions to improve the positioning of your content, but one of them, are the backlinks.

There are two types of SEO: On page and Off page. How do they differ??

  • The SEO On Page is one that is within Google’s own website. For example, using keywords and correct content will help you better position your website.
  • The SEO Off page can be defined as Link Building and consists of getting these backlinks from various websites to improve your positioning. It will be important that these backlinks are relevant, with a high DR to bring you benefits.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links that are on one website and point to another. That is, if someone from their website links to a page of yours, you will have a backlink of them.

Backlinks, also known as Inbound links,  are considered to be one of the most important elements that Google considers when it comes to positioning you against other websites. This is because, to Google, these links provide you with the data that there is another website that trusts your content.

It is very important that these backlinks that we try to obtain give us authority. Here we can distinguish two types:

  • Dofollow: Links that convey authority from the page they come from. They are of quality and very beneficial for our website.
  • Nofollow: They don’t convey any authority. They’re not bad, as they continue to serve to relate to your Page, expand information, or attract traffic. If you know they’re of this type, use the Nofollow tag to keep Google from penalizing you.

Not all websites have the same Domain Rating. Pages with higher DR will make your page grow more in reputation. Pages with good DR will be around 70 points and usually match those of the media.

How to get backlinks?

This is where the biggest difficulty of backlinks lies. Getting them is usually a very expensive job. Google just wants links to reach us in the most natural way possible. Here are some of the best possibilities:

  • Guest Posting: Writing on other people’s blogs on interesting topics can be a good option to be able to enter some external information from our website. Get some author to let you write something in their post and return, you can put some relevant link.
  • Press releases: Very relevant information that must be included in the media. For example, some study on a topical topic that the media decides to link in or comment on your news.
  • Blogs related to the topic we are interested in: Content collaborations with them. As we said before, try not to be forced, but naturally. Don’t make “the trap” of two contents that are very similar linking them simultaneously as Google will notice.
  • Share graphic material: Create good infographics that others share on their websites. Copyright should not matter to you, but you do get that photo referenced and linked to your website.

Maintenance of Backlinks

By the method of constantly optimizing your website and not losing prominence on the network as time goes on, try to perform the following actions. We mustn’t forget that Google is not static, it is constantly renewing itself and what positioned you yesterday, may no longer be operational today:

  • Review the lost backlinks: Sometimes by updates, you lose some backlinks that were very helpful to us. Repeat the process, contact developers, and invite them to repeat the action.
  • Review competition backlinks: If you see a post you think you could enter for example “The Top 5…” PR, contact them, and try to get them to include you.
  • Don’t buy links: Paid links can become a problem, as in the short term they can work for you, but then Google may harm you for them. Pages that sell links in bulk won’t bring you authority, otherwise, they’ll end your business.
  • Don’t put your link on any web page: Be selective with the pages you decide to enter your link to, as then it can be difficult to remove and drag the bad results from that page. If a website decides to link our content and then we see that we are not interested, contacting developers can be an impossible task.

Synergies between Inbound strategy and backlinks.

Inbound marketing is a non-intrusive strategy that tries to reach the consumer through the value of its content. In the process that the client follows, with this methodology it is intended to accompany the client to the final transaction,  providing value at each stage. As far as we can deduce, inbound has a very large portion of content and writing, which must be positioned well to reach the final audience.


The Inbound strategy is closely linked to finding backlinks since they have common ground. Next, we will tell you the sections in them that match:

  • Good content will give you more possibilities to be linked: In inbound, good content will add more value to leads. On the other hand, backlinks will be easier to place on third-party pages the better our content.
  • Lead tracking: When you have a website and use a marketing strategy, leads that come to your Page go into the next process. In the next process, you look at what those future customers have looked at on your Page and their interests to continue to bring value to them. 
    This is where you need to narrow communications with them, trying to build trust with the customer. This will lead to us being able to offer you the opportunity to collaborate in the future.

For example, a marketing agency visits our CRM. We assume that because you are interested in purchasing a CRM tool for your company. When we contact them, we can offer them a free trial of our CRM in exchange for being allowed to post an article on their blog or included in one of their posts.

  • Social media: Accounts on RRSS can be a great way to promote your posts, for someone to read them and want to link them on their own websites. Apart from that, it will provide us with a certain hierarchy and trust that our publications have reactions, people indicate that they like it and share them organically.


Both Inbound strategy and backlinks are two fundamental pillars for the growth of online companies today. We are talking about two of the actions that are being used most today.

From our point of view, we think they are complementary since one improves to the other and vice versa.

In short, we think that a good Inbound marketing strategy should go hand in hand with powerful SEO work and with it, actions with backlinks that enhance that content that you have meticulously crafted to bring value to your future customers.

If you need help with any of the actions discussed above, please feel free to contact us.

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