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As you probably know,[piopialo] one of the latest phenomena in the digital world is Influencer Marketing. It may be on more than one occasion you wondered if it would be beneficial for your aesthetic clinic to collaborate with an Influencer[/piopialo]. So if that’s the case, in the following post we offer you some tips which you must keep in mind about Influencers.

What is an Influencer?

It seems that Influencers have emerged in recent years, but that is not true. In Marketing people with the ability to influence others, for example, about buying a product, have always existed. They were journalists, opinion leaders or celebrities.

If we focus on the term “influencer” concerns those people who get to establish a relationship of trust with a specific audience, thanks to their experience and knowledge about certain issues. Therefore, credibility is a key factor for Influencers.

According to the latest estimates of the consultant firm Mediakix, it’s expected that revenues of this industry will reach 10 billion dollars in 2020. In this aspect, a recent report by Rhytmone points out that for each dollar invested in Influencer marketing, it’s gained 11,69 dollars. So from an economic standpoint, this is a succulent and profitable business.

The danger of the fake Influencers

However, all that glitters is not gold. Lately, it has discovered how some Influencers buy fake followers to enhance the fan’s number and for companies offering them partnerships and gifts in a tricked way.

In order to demonstrate how easy is to pretend to be an important Influencer, the Spanish Agency H2H carried out a simple experiment, titled “El gran fraude de los Influencers” (The huge fraud of Influencers). The fake profile created on Instagram achieved soon 100 thousand “ghost” followers. Since then many companies began to send her presents and even advertising contracts. The fraud was successful.

The conclusion from their experiment is becoming increasingly common that brands are victims of fake Influencers, since they don’t investigate enough the person who are hiring to publicize them. So, you should be careful to avoid falling into this trap.

Tips for collaborating with an Influencer

If you are thinking of performing an advertising campaign with an Influencer for your aesthetic clinic we recommend the following tips to take advantage of your investment:

  • The first thing you have to do is check who is the person you are going to work with. You must analyze the posts shared on social media; monitor the engagement with its audience and to verify what kind of followers they have in order to know if that person is adequate to your brand.
  • Moreover, it is advisable once you are collaborating with an Influencer you measure the impact of its actions, which allow you to know if your strategy is working or is failing. Analyzing the results is essential in any digital strategy.
  • Try to work with micro-influencers because, although they have fewer followers, their audience is more loyal. On the other hand, you will able to save money and invest it in other influencers, getting to have an impact on more people.


In conclusion, partnerships with Influencers in aesthetics clinics can be beneficial, but you must pay attention to the person who is going to promote your business, analyzing its results to avoid fall into the hands of fake Influencers.

In Nementio we can help you to carry out an integral strategy of digital marketing for your aesthetic clinic. Ask us, we will be glad to help you?


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