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In the world of digital marketing, we have a wide variety of ways to advertise. We can basically differentiate the advertising by which it is paid and the one that is made at a zero cost. At this point, it is necessary to say that for the choice of one or the other option the money-time ratio is the one that will determine which one you need. But let’s go slowly, today we will talk about the PPC or Pay per click advertising.

What is PPC advertising?

PPC or Pay per click is an advertising model in the digital world in which advertisers pay fixed or auction-determined amounts, but only every time the user takes a certain action on one of their ads.

We are talking about an advertising model in which we “buy” visits, although we prefer to define it as a small push to our network activity. That is, what we are looking for is for a campaign to reach a larger number of people. This can apply as much to campaigns that we think are going well, but they can give more of the same as to campaigns that don’t work the way we wanted them to.

PPC types

Although the generic name defines one of the existing forms, there are more options for this type of advertising. When campaigning there are countless options (Image, videos, web address…) but at checkout, it will depend on 3 basic concepts to set the objectives of the campaign:

  • Cost per click: The ad owner will only have to pay when the ad is effective, that is when clicked.
  • Cost per acquisition: The advertiser will only pay when the ad recipient has taken the campaign goal.
  • Cost per impression: In this case, the advertiser will pay for the fact that the ad is impressed on the receivers’ screens.

Benefits of CFP

Many of you will now wonder what benefits a CFP campaign can have, whether it is paid and can be achieved organically. Well, right there’s the key to why these campaigns are so effective and on top of that, profitable.

Price is the differential factor of this type of campaign as it fits the type of promotion you want to give it. Apart from this, you make sure you’re not going to overpay, but that everything you pay is going to be effective one way or another.

By this, we mean that, for example, if you decide to pay by click, you know that everything you pay is going to be from users who have managed to get n to enter your product, to know your n and at least to keep you in mind.

Relevant characteristics

  • Ad targeting: From platforms like Google Ads, you can directly put your products to users who are currently looking for that product or often have similar tastes. This will make your ads better targeted and possibly more effective.  
    Within targeting, you can choose geographic areas, age, or gender from others, which means the advertiser can greatly influence the effectiveness of your ad.
  • Data generation: As with most things, it’s all based on trial-error, so data is vital. In your first time with this type of advertising, you may not be able to optimize it to the maximum, but by studying the data you will be able to find the key to make them 100% effective.
  • Flexibility during the campaign: The duration of your campaign is not going to be something closed since you launch it, but during the campaign, you will be able to test different options for its functionality. One of the most relevant aspects is that you will have full control of your budget. That is, you can decide both the budget you want to spend each day and the total of the campaign. 
    Another feature is to specify which times you want your ad to have the most presence.

PPC example

The PPC model has many variants when it comes to putting it in different locations on the network. Here are some of the most recurrent:

Search engine ads

Search engines have optimized their advertising methods, doing so by auction, including in the first positions those products that have been promoted with PPC. Also known as SEM, it allows ads to appear through Keywords.

It is a highly visible and effective option, as they segment very well and appear in the first positions for those interested.

Social media ads

Social media is a very powerful means of promoting yourself. The best known for their use are Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, which offer the possibility of PPC.

They are ads that are displayed in an intrusive way, becoming very light for receivers. Social media has a huge amount of data, so it allows us to segment very well. For example, at Christmas, it is common to give away perfumes so you may be a target of perfume brands.


PPC advertising campaigns bring very good results to those companies that have very key concepts about their products and a defined strategy. Our recommendation is to use them progressively to optimize your spending.

If you are looking to make a PPC campaign and need help, we will be happy to help you.

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