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Big Data is in our daily lives and is transforming the world without us even noticing it…

Its applications in Digital Marketing bring many advantages to any online strategy. Keep reading to discover them!

What is Big Data?

Big Data refers to a set of data that is difficult to process with available management systems or traditional data processing applications, due to its large volume. Therefore, the Big Data takes care of information storage, processing and analysis.

These data are acquired by companies, not only through digital sources, but also from traditional sources, both within and outside the organizations.

The information is evolving at a great pace, because if before we had few sources of information, now there are more and more from which data can be extracted (GPS, social networks, etc.). Likewise, the speed at which we receive this data is increasing, which makes the task of checking its veracity difficult.

Hence the need for Big Data, since a good investigation of the information will allow us to make better business decisions, more strategic and effective, thanks to automation processes.

And what about Big Data Marketing?

The term Big Data Marketing arose as a solution to the needs that marketing poses since its inception on aspects such as market and consumer analysis.

This concept refers to the techniques, processes, tools and technology of information processing in large volumes of data, in real time, which allow us to analyze, for example, consumer behavior, in order to develop better strategies and reach a greater number of people interested in our product, in an effective and personalized way.

Big Data Marketing Applications

Big Data in Marketing offers a lot of advantages for any business.

Some of its most outstanding applications are the following:

  • It allows you to better understand the behavior of your customers (their purchase decision, their interaction with the brand, etc.), in order to plan the strategies needed to reach them in the least intrusive and most personalized way possible.
  • It also optimizes the segmentation of your customers, since it allows you to analyze their information to classify them according to their socio-demographic and economic characteristics… and, in this way, be able to know the point of the funnel where each user is at each moment and be able to carry out the appropriate actions to get them to complete their purchase or recommend another similar or complementary product.
  • It allows to anticipate, measure and analyze the evolution of the strategies and the fulfillment of objectives to be able to determine if the most suitable actions are being carried out, and to be able to determine possible points of improvement in the same ones.
  • It helps to detect and avoid possible losses of customers on your website or to build up the loyalty of those users who have already made a purchase.
  • It helps to organize, distribute and share internal information in a more effective and reliable way between the different departments of a company. Now it is possible to create a unique data structure, without losing data.
  • Make better decisions in real time, checking if a certain product is being sold, and make decisions based on those results.
  • Know the market trends.

Some case stories of Big Data Marketing

These case studies of Big Data applied to Marketing show how with this new technology it is possible to achieve great competitive advantages or to know more precisely the habits of the customers.


Netflix Big Data

Netflix collects and analyzes all types of consumption data from its users in order to know their tastes. Its success is due in part to the recommendations it makes to its consumers based on content consumption patterns.

An example of this is the well-known House of Cards, an in-house production that Netflix created based on user tastes. Based on the consumption patterns obtained from more than 40 million consumers, it detected that what attracted most was content that included drama, politics, sensuality and power, so it relied on that to create its own series.

In addition, they made 10 versions of the trailer aimed at different audiences, segmented according to their behavior on the platform, and finally they hung the whole thing on the platform, contravening all the uses and customs of conventional media.

The same formula was used for the design of Narcos. Netflix used Big Data’s analytics to predict the optimal launch moment, actor selection and the evolution of the series.


Nike Big Data

This brand known for its sports equipment is now also becoming a pioneer in technology and innovation. With the creation of its wearable, a device that allows for the application of artificial intelligence to objects such as watches or heart rate monitors, the company collects information about its customers and their sports habits (heart rate, number of steps taken, speed, distance traveled, among others).

Therefore, Nike is taking advantage of this information to know its public better and to create new products, according to the preferences and needs of the market.


Amazon Big Data

This is another great success story in the use of Big Data. For example, it knows what its users like to read, so before you look for that title you would like to read, Amazon will have already recommended it to you.

In order to know the tastes of its customers, the company relies not only on user data, but also on the trends it is able to generate from the extensive data catalogues it collects, based on the behavior patterns of other buyers similar to the user himself.


Starbucks Big Data

The well-known coffee brand has been using the Big Data for quite some time to always stay ahead of its competition. How does it do this? By collecting information on people in a certain area, the existing vehicle traffic and the availability of public transport. This allows you to define whether opening a café in a certain area will be a good investment or not.

The Big Data also allows the brand to know its customers very well and in this way they can generate discount coupons and personalized promotions.

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