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Surely in the last few days you’ve heard talking about Blockchain, but you don’t understand what it is. That’s why we explain it in this post and we also tell you how Blockchain will affect Digital Marketing, an industry that will be transformed by this new kind of technology.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a database made up of block chains that at the same time are composed of nodes (laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.). This chain is impossible to manipulate, since a data is published a timestamp is made forming a block and this block is linked to the previous one, so to alter a data it is necessary to modify all the blocks and timestamps that until that moment have participated in this process.

In addition, another advantage that makes the Blockchain extremely attractive is that there are no intermediaries in the processes, which results are much faster, safer and much efficient. It is a decentralized chain that does not depend on any government or financial institution.

Blockchain will end anonymity on the Internet and with trolls, since each user will have a unique, non-transferable personal identity that they will use in all their operations, therefore, fraud and Phishing will also disappear.

Consequences of Blockchain in Digital Marketing

All we know right now is that Blockchain will affect the following 4 key areas of Digital Marketing:

  • Changes in data collection: For brands it will be more complicated to obtain the data of their potential clients, since they will only have access to the information of those who provide it. However, this change will make advertising campaigns more effective by impacting only on those users who are really interested in your information because they have previously given you their permission. Blockchain will allow consumers to voluntarily decide the type of content and advertising they wish to receive.
  • Alterations in the way of advertisement: As we have already mentioned, each user will choose advertising according to their personal tastes, which will put an end to intrusive advertising, something that advertisers have to face every day, since many people have installed adblockers on their devices to navigate without invasive advertising. So with Blockchain this problem would be solved and would allow a much more personalized and effective publicity.
  • Changes in SEO and SEM: So far, to perform SEM advertising, it is necessary to do it through an intermediary (Google Adwords). With Blockchain SEM would disappear because it eliminates all the intermediaries, such as Google or Facebook.

The way of doing SEO would also change because websites will have to incorporate Blockchain, therefore SEO developers will have to use protocols that incorporate the chain of blocks in each transaction.

  • Consequences for E-commerce: This new technology would provide greater security during the online purchase process, as the consumer would know the development of the process, from the manufacture of the product until it will be received at home. In addition, with Blockchain economic transactions would be safer and would end with scams and forgeries.


As you can see, Blockchain will revolutionize Digital Marketing, bringing with it a series of advantages that will allow users to have even more power and be the center of all digital strategies in a safe way. On the other hand, companies will have to develop effective loyalty strategies to keep their customers for a long period of time.

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