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It’s officially summer and companies know it. Probably you have noticed how all the advertising campaigns have changed to show products related to the summer. Even though in this season it seems like everything is about the same topics, companies have the possibility to focus its actions and its efforts on other activities, do you want to know which ones?

Connect with your audience with new messages

Summer is the perfect excuse to advertise some specific kind of products, as Valentine’s Day or Christmas are. We have to take into account that this season lasts several months, so we have time to launch new attractive ideas or special products to attract new customers.

Remember that it’s never too late to send a message that differentiates us from the competence and the summer is the perfect time to do it, don’t you think?

Create content related to the summer

Analyze your audience and do some research about the topics they might be interested in. During this period there are many hours when people use social media to be entertained while they are on the beach or in the pool.

Write attractive posts or create another kind of content like ebooks, that can be interesting for your potential customers. Try to plan a different content strategy for these months. After that, share your new posts on your social platforms and spend some budget to promote them. Now you only have to wait until your visits increase.

Adwords campaigns

The summer is a good moment to obtain more visibility and stand out with the products that can fit better with this time of the year. With little budget, attractive advertisements and good keywords we can improve our results.

Social media

Maybe you cannot spend the same time you do the rest of the year in social media. Plan your campaigns and the content in advance to speed up these tasks during the summer.

Use the positive thinking that the summer has and write attractive messages and create nice pictures and videos to encourage your followers to interact and increase your presence among your fans.

Implement new strategies

Sometimes we think that in summer our level of work will decrease when the audience is on holidays. But probably this is the perfect moment to try new marketing strategies that you have wanted to implement during the year and you couldn’t because of the amount of work you had.

Use this period to study new markets and new business opportunities. There are many countries where you can have presence and reach new customers like the Spanish and Latam market.

If you want to know your possibilities and how could you do it, do not hesitate to contact us! We are your perfect partner to start your activity there.


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