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Nowadays, Branded Content is a trend which can bring many benefits to your Inbound Marketing strategy. Do you want to know what is about and how you can use it in order to be useful for your business? Keep reading.

What is Branded Content?

Some Marketing specialists agree on saying that Branded Content is Content Marketing evolution. But, what is Branded Content about?

Branded Content consists of creating valuable content with the purpose of offering your client a different experience through contents linked to your brand.

It’s essential you make value content focus on lifestyle or entertainment for your user to get to distinguish yourself of your competitors, positioning in the mind of the consumer and most importantly, to generate engagement and customer loyalty.

On the other hand, Branded Content and Content Marketing are responsible for creating content to convey to their users. However, it is important to differentiate them. Branded Content is based on entertainment and Content Marketing is about the product, as well as explains Unmetric.

Tips to create successful Branded Content

The main aim of Branded Content is to convey values and emotions through well-crafted storytelling to build connections between your clients.

Your brand content must be exclusive and high-quality of your Brand. It doesn’t need to be a big production, but it does require to spend more time and resources. Furthermore, you must try your content be relevant, appropriate and coherent.

With regard to the format, the most used today is the video. There is evidence that visual content is the most effective. As pointed out by Dr. McQuivey in a study of Forrester “one video is worth 1.8 million of words”. Moreover, if your content is interactive you’ll get to catch your public’s attention.

If your Inbound strategy is well-defined, customers will be your fans and they will recommend your content without a doubt ?

How Branded Content can benefit businesses

The public is usually overwhelmed by the countless messages, announcements and information on social networks from companies trying to promote themselves. The massiveness of advertisements means that people are getting used to skipping advertising campaigns because they do not offer anything beyond the product. Here is the key to branded content, as it provides different content to your potential audience, which attracts them to consume it and where not only does it prevail to sell a certain product.

Some of the advantages for our company according to the Post of  Don’t Panic are:

  • Increases the commitment of the brand: When a consumer looks at your content his memory is up to 59% higher and you will have 14% more chances of being searched afterwards.
  • Improve brand positioning: Generating emotions, connections and values will create a brand feeling and complicity with the client.
  • Creates confidence in the brand: With the Branded Content you demonstrate to the client that he is in the first place, leaving aside your commercial interests. This will generate a strong feeling of trust with the brand by differentiating it from others.

On the other hand, one of the biggest advances for your Inbound Marketing strategy using Branded Content is the use of process automation tools that allow you to take time away from certain routine activities. Some of the clearest examples are:

  • Social media scheduling: Distributing, publishing and scheduling on social media can be one of the most time-consuming tasks. Try automating actions such as importing articles, publishing schedules, calendars, scheduling for the following days…
  • Image tools: Images or multimedia content in general, attract a lot of customers and have an impact on your number of clicks. Try tools that favour the design and creation of content in order to obtain better results.
  • Monitoring social networks: To have good social networks you must do thorough monitoring of them: Getting the evolution data will be very important and will help you to adjust the actions you do well or badly.

From the fantastic application, they offer us more keys to automate our content and integrate it in an easy and time-saving way.

Successful Branded Content Campaigns

Check out these 4 Branded Content campaigns really successful:


The well-known beer brand boasts a strong Irish heritage and presents itself as a brand of community, culture and celebration. At a time as hard as the current one, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the company wanted to send a stimulating message to its public to continue celebrating, safely, St. Patrick’s Day. The company is sending out a message of encouragement and hope following the parade cancellations on a global basis.


In 2000, BMW was the first one to do modern Branded Content with a campaign called The Hire. The company achieved more than 11 million views in only 4 months, in a time in which social networks didn’t exist yet, connection speed wasn’t too high and you had to download the videos to watch them. So this campaign meant a big innovation in the field of advertising, prior to Web 2.0.

The Hire consisted of 8 short action movies, directed and starring by celebrities such as Clive Owen or Madonna. The purpose of this was to stand out the characteristics of the new BMW cars.

Metro Trains Melbourne

This metro trains campaign of Melbourne (Australia), entitled “Dumb ways to die” was carried out to prevent suicide on railway line. Up to now, it has been the most successful one with more than 164 million views on Youtube.

The cartoons make a count of different dumb ways to die. With this ingenious initiative achieved to bring down suicide by 30% in Australia.

The jingle was very famous because of its catchy music?

Santander Bank

This is one of the most successful Branded Content cases made in the last few years in Spain. Santander Bank at the launch of his new bank account made a science-fiction thriller of 18 minutes called “How much. Beyond the money”.

The short movie was released in cinemas of Madrid. It was well-received by the young audience: in only 2 months Santander Bank opened 90,000 accounts, when their aim was to open 100,000 in one year.

As you can see, the essence of Branded Content is to understand the needs of your clients and offer them what they really want!

You should not forget that effectiveness of a good advertising campaign depends on originality, innovation and virality.

In Nementio we can help you to carry out an Inbound Marketing strategy. Ask us! We will be glad to help you.

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