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You have software capable of solving the problems of the companies of a market niche that could surprise every CTO. So now it’s time to sell it. You need to find the ideal customer, someone who wants to buy and implement your software to their company.

At this point, you will have probably noticed that this is not as simple as it seems. Often you will find that spotting the ideal customer is a very difficult job, that requires a lot of effort and many hours invested in marketing actions with lower ROI.

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Identifying the problems

Some of the common problems in the process of selling software that you have probably already faced are:

  • It is difficult for you to find companies where the software you have created could be useful. At the same time, they need to be ready to change their current technology or to implement a new system.
  • Probably you don’t know who is the right person to contact inside the company. Is it the CTO? Is the CEO? Is the final user?
  • Not having an objective method to evaluate the probability of opportunities turning into sales.
  • Perhaps there is not enough information for you to help your customer during his decision process.
  • Online marketing seems to be the perfect option to reach that specific audience, but the efforts you are doing on SEO, social media, content, email marketing or SEM are not getting the results you expected.

Are all these aspects familiar to you? Probably many examples of lost opportunities due to some of these reasons have come to your mind while you were reading. However, sometimes the lack of time keeps us from thinking about why we are not reaching the audience we want to or what happened with that potential customer that seemed to be ready to buy. Identifying the problems is the first step to solve the problems.

How to solve the problems of software sales

Luckily, there is a tool to plan and develop your online marketing actions and align them with your sales team to achieve your objectives. It is called Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing tries to approach the software selling problem from the customers perspective, offering attractive content through online marketing and adding value to the offer, even before starting the buying process. Thereby, we could establish early links and learn from their needs and give them solutions according to their problems. It’s a win-win situation and a satisfied client for life.

10 Inbound Marketing steps to improve your sales

Inbound marketing is not only a methodology. It’s almost a company philosophy that applies mostly to online actions and uses a four step approach:

Inbound marketing

Based on Inbound methodology, here are 10 basic steps you can follow to improve your sales performance:

  1. Identify your buyer personas.
  2. Define smart goals for each campaign.
  3. Create useful content to attract potential customers.
  4. Automatize marketing processes.
  5. Maintain an effective blog.
  6. Use social media to promote the content and interact with the audience.
  7. Select the correct keywords.
  8. Use paid advertising.
  9. Analyze the information and the traffic of your web.
  10. Evaluate the results of every campaign and you will learn of each one.

Probably you have used some of these tools in the past or you are using them right now. The secret of Inbound is the way each tool integrates with the others in the buying process of the customer from the beginning.

Do you want to learn more about how to apply these 10 steps for selling your software? 

How to sell software to companies



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