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The present of SaaS market in Spain is very discouraging: only 15% of companies in Spain use cloud services. The total investment is only 280 million euros. Very far from the 45,000 million in the United States.

The reasons usually given for not using cloud services are the amortization of existing infrastructure (given by 40% of those surveyed) and security (35%).

Of the services used in Spain, 45% are SaaS, another 45% are IaaS and only 10% are PaaS. Specifically, the main online services currently used in Spain are processing capacity followed by mail and office automation and web servers. These are followed by data analysis and storage.

The future is promising:

Unlike the present, the future, however, is very promising:

Sixty percent of companies want to use cloud services (400% growth) and the country as a whole is expected to invest 1.6 billion per year (600% growth). Although it is still far from investment in a country like the United States, it is also unrealistic to expect to reach it in the medium term. SaaS market in Spain is growing fast.

In addition, Spain is, along with Ireland, the country of the European Union where a greater number of companies want to adopt multi-cloud strategies: up to 85% of companies with cloud services want to diversify their online services.

The services that expect more growth are Security, Marketing, Information Technology Service Management and Digital Asset Management.

The most popular reasons for using cloud services are Flexibility (81%), Transformation and Organizational Change (61%), and Time to Market (59%).

Mainly, the sectors that most demand the use of SAAS are Banking, Energy and Logistics.

It is also expected a growth of PaaS of up to 25%, which will grow taking a percentage away from IaaS (which will keep 40%) and SaaS (which will have 35%).

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