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Internet is the place where brands communicate with their customers and social media is an essential part of it. It is very common users complaining on social media, so customer service 2.0 is essential in every company.

Customer service on social media must be in charge of someone with knowledge on the digital environment and on the requirements of each network, because it’s not only important to manage doubts or to solve customer’s problems, it’s also important to have communicative skills.

One of the tasks of a professional community manager is to manage the crisis that might occur on social media and therefore, calm the negative answer or a client’s anger. The final objective is to turn those negative situations into benefits for the company.

Customer service on Facebook

Customer Service is easy on Facebook thanks to Fanpages and the possibilities they give to the corporations. If you want to have presence on this platform and you want it to be accurate to the company policy, you need to listen to your clients and provide constant feedback. On Facebook, being honest and answering all the time is key to gain engagement and be successful.

Also, good customer service could require sometimes multiple answers or having a personalized solution to the comment or the question on Facebook Messenger.

Customer Service on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most efficient platforms in terms of customer service because of its ease and immediacy.

The key to this social media platform is to follow what users are saying about the company to react quickly if it’s needed. The possibility to speak directly with the person that is talking about your brand on Twitter is very significant because it gives you the chance to solve the problem faster even he didn’t contact directly to the company previously.

Remember that Twitter messages must be brief, direct and concise, not only for the number of characters, also because of the essence of Twitter.

Customer Service on Instagram

Instagram is a platform made for photography. The profiles of the companies need to be managed with professionality, even it seems like a very visual platform, don’t forget about the importance of captions. We give you some tips to improve yours.

Instagram followers demand more information from the brands they follow and many of them use it to expose their problems with the products or services. This platform allows you to answer comments publicly or to dialogue directly with the customer, having a clear vision of the problem at the moment.

Customer service on Social Media has increased popularity between users and companies, it has become one of the most important aspects for your customers. Providing a good service will give you more loyal clients and a better brand image. But remember that all of this has to fit in your digital strategy.

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