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In all businesses it is common for there to be incidents during the activity. You must be prepared for them and ensure that customers do not leave our business when they contact the company to fix it.

What features customer support has

Within this department we must consider that customers often have behavior that follows rules.

  • Reactive: We must be prepared for the “usual complaints” of customers. With this follow-up we will also know what are those problems that many of them are having and thus solve it so as not to saturate customer service.
  • The client is the one that starts and ends the interaction. That is, it is the one who communicates the problem and the one who decides to end the conversation. When they decide to end the conversation, it is usually because they have been given a solution or, on the contrary, have not ended up satisfied.
  • Speed will be key from the customer service team. The longer we spend the customer, the more likely we are to lose it. However, if the response is fast and effective, customer loyalty will increase.

What actions will our SaaS take from customer service?

There are some main features that our customer service must respect. If these features are taken to excellence, you will ensure great attention:

Ease of use

In a SaaS program many times updates are made, functionalities that suffer changes or modifications… Etc. You should let customers know that this has happened, have seamless communication with them about what things have changed, and whether they have a new operation.

If doubts still arise, you must have a clear section where you specify how to contact customer service. This section includes all the options you have of contact (social networks, email, call, chat…) and clarifies the schedules of each.

Direct service

Customer demands are often different in terms of communication with the company. From this aspect, some customers do not want direct contact with an agent and prefer to manage their problems themselves quickly.

The easiest way to do this will be to generate a Q&A section. In it we will put a set of common questions or manuals for troubleshooting. This information will have to be updated using the data we generate from the calls, thus trying to free agents with doubts that can be easily managed without the need for an agent.

Live chat

It is common to observe how current web pages introduce customer service options such as live chat. These chats are usually optimized in such a way that when you start the page you wonder if you need help or give you information necessary for your well-being.

Implement this customer service method, generate a chat box that filters users and is efficient. The fast answers of this system offer a great feeling to the user.

Qualified staff

It seems like a no-brainer, but in customer service the most important thing is the people who compose it. From companies it is sometimes overlooked to this department, but they do not understand its great importance.

Focus your efforts on hiring people who have good communication skills and who have a good deal to the user. Also understand that it’s a charge that carries a heavy burden of stress for grumpy or pissed-off customers.

Get your workers to form, worry about it. Offer them training courses, sweet potatoes for good results and be close to them.

Work guidelines

From the customer service, clear and unified answers must be given. This means that a defined method must be followed, trying to get one employee to give a different answer to another.

  • Refund control
  • Response times
  • Situation control
  • Shipments

Maintaining the standards in this department will make you, apart from how it works better, not generate controversy in your customers.

Customer reviews

Customer support should not end once we think the issue has been resolved. Today it is very easy to ask customers for feedback to know what our work has been like.

If in most departments this matters, in this one more. It is one of the data that will provide us with the most useful information. From customer feedback we can study our strengths and weaknesses, optimize our tools and communicate to employees where they need to improve.

In conclusion, we believe that getting good customer support will help us in the operation of the company in general. Keeping our customers happy will make us improve on their retention and increase our LTV and Churn Rate.

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