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Employee Advocacy is not new, but with the increasing use of social media in all companies, this opportunity can be used to give your brand a boost and promote a product or service in a more natural and close way.

Keep reading! In this post we tell you what Employee Advocacy is all about.

What is Employee Advocacy?

The concept of Employee Advocacy refers to the promotion of a brand by employees, through their personal profiles in social networks.

According to, a strong Employee Advocacy program has a great impact on almost every part of your organization. Your employer brand, revenue, sales and marketing campaigns, even your ability to compete in the marketplace.

This discipline is included in Referral Marketing. A trend that turns employees into prescribers of the company and that uses big brands such as Apple, Ikea or Google.

It is estimated that a company’s message published by its employees has a 24 times greater reach. Therefore, Employee Advocacy allows the humanization of a brand’s publications. Moreover, the audience that reaches these messages is usually interested in this shared content, since they belong to the same social groups (endogroups), which generates greater trust.

According to a study by Dynamic Signal, 33% share news related to their business without any effort on their part.

Employee Advocacy is not the same as Brandlover, since the latter is not an employee of the company, while in Employee Advocacy it is part of the company. However, they have in common that they both defend a certain brand in their respective social networks.

Who is an employee brand ambassador?

An employee brand ambassador is someone who:

  • Loves the brand in a genuine way, thanks to a proper selection and motivation process.
  • Represents the interests of the company.
  • Makes the brand known and promotes the company’s values.
  • Generates positive exposure and creates brand awareness.
  • Recommends company’s products or services to closest circle because he/she is an expert on them and knows that they are the solution to their needs.

A good Employee Advocacy program will allow you to improve your branding, receive incentives and get professional recognition. These benefits will improve the company’s culture and increase employee loyalty and engagement.

Benefits of Employee Advocacy

By relying on your employees’ online presence to share information about your company’s products or services you will contribute to:

  • Optimize your image and increase brand awareness.
  • Increase the organic reach of publications and social media campaigns.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Increase consumer confidence.

Successful stories of Employee Advocacy

Some of the companies that have long used Employee Advocacy are:


Reebok’s Employee Advocacy program focuses on encouraging employees to share their passion for sports with provocative hashtags like #FitAssCompany.

Rebook wants employees to share their own physical activities, such as weight lifting, running and biking, through networks like Facebook and Instagram.

As a result, the company can easily track what content employees have shared.


One of the tactics used in Starbucks’ promotion strategy is to refer to its employees as “partners”. This simple name gives employees a sense of belonging to the brand. “We call ourselves partners because this isn’t just a job, it’s our passion. So go ahead and share it”, you can read in the rules of use of the social networks they have made available to their partners.


Zappos prides itself on having a free and united culture. This culture is shown in the way employees or “Zapponians” can tweet about their daily activities.

It doesn’t matter if it is a costume party or employees working at a meeting. As long as it is about employees, it deserves a place on the official Twitter page Zappos Culture, with the hashtag #CompanyCulture.

This way, Zapponians can attract both customers and potential employees who want to be part of the company’s culture.

To inspire employees to participate, the company has a leaderboard that lists the best performing employees in social media.

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