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It is very difficult to start a digital project with the current amount of competition on the network. Many of the companies are frustrated that they do not see their results in the first positions of search engines and have a hard time getting customers organically. To do this it is necessary to optimize the SEO part of your websites. Many SEO tools can be valid for your business.

If you ask most people, which tools they use to optimize their web positioning, many of them will tell you about Search Console and Google Analytics. They can be the two most commonly used tools by the public and we do not deny their functionalities and their effectiveness.  In these, you can see from what the behaviour of your users is on your website (Google Analytics) to the generation of reports of the status of the website (Search Console).

Still, we think there are many more SEO tools on the network that can add information to know where to tune your content.

Best SEO tools for free

Most of the best tools for working SEO in a professional way come at a cost. These are often used by large companies that want to take the positioning of their websites to another level. Apart from this, they often need an unsuitable disbursement for companies that are just starting out or simply want to improve their positioning in a simple organic way.

Here are some of the ones we find most useful to get your SEO content started:

Screaming frog

We are talking about an SEO tool with a large free part that will allow us to analyze our website in a complete and, above all, simple way.

We will be able to see the health of our URLs, internal and external links, web structure and above all, its main advantage, that of tracking. It gives us a very detailed analysis of Google’s point of view.

One of its basic features is to be able to briefly see a graph of the organization of the web in terms of its URLs and their levels.

We find it one of the best tools for the small web since its free version gets to scan a maximum of 500 URLs.


In this tool, we basically focus on optimizing the speed of our page. It is very annoying when you enter a page and its loading time are very slow or you take a long time browsing it. That Google controls it and of its all, penalizes it with SEO.

It is a super simple application when it comes to running it but that gives a lot of information to read in detail and analyze. All you must do is get on their page and enter the URL you want to analyze on it.

The result will be a detailed study of your page in terms of loading times. The content within our website and its individual runtimes (Images, fonts, HTML, CSS…) will appear.

In the final part of the analysis, you will have a detailed sequential graph of the processes of the web. That is, it will give you a breakdown of what the loading phases are like when someone enters your page chronologically.

Answer the public

On certain occasions we would like to be able to put ourselves in the consumer’s shoes to see what their concerns are that they are looking for, that concern them…

Well, for that we bring this tool. It is a super simple page but it will give us great information about our SEO development. We can also use it to create content on your blog or discover new attitudes that customers follow.

When we insert a term into your search engine, it is recommended 1-2 words, this tool will allow you to know all the questions that are raised about them, users. You can also customize the search by country/language. But be careful, you can only do 3 daily searches for free.

As an example, we give you a graph of what the tool gives us when searching for the word marketing, looking for it with English and its location in Britain. We observe how it sums us up the independence of 10 words that it considers important, all the searches that customers are doing.

SEO Tools

Uber Suggest

From the famous Neil Patel, one of the most renowned experts in the world of SEO comes this free application that lets us into the world of Keywords.

This tool will help us on our way to finding key terms. Finding good keywords,  both for our SEO work and if we want to do a CFP campaign will be of great importance.

Uber Suggest, which mixes the best of Google Keywords and Google Suggest, shows us different indicators, suggestions, and combinations of Keywords, all depending on what we enter in a search engine.

For example, if in your search engine we put the word marketing, it will give us information about the URLs that are positioning best for this keyword or give you the questions about this Keyword, that is, how these words are being searched.

On the other hand, by entering our domain you will return our “Domain Rate”, monthly traffic… Etc.

It is a very good tool to use simultaneously or as support for others.


We’ve shown that you can start optimizing your SEO strategy for free and without having to pay for expensive apps. We recommend that before using these tools you spend time knowing what the most important terms in SEO are to understand most of the data that will come out on these pages.

For more information on how to optimize your SEO strategies, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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