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In SaaS companies, being able to identify which is the ideal customer for your business is usually one of the largest head feeders. Being in a booming business model, we face a lot of audiences, which can be segmented into many factors. This aspect is very positive for the business, but at the same time, it is a problem when it comes to adapting to our audience.

Why do I need to identify the usual SaaS customer?

Big Data has come to stay and all that data we get we must make them useful. We need to keep track of our ideal customers, see their common characteristics and gradually adapt to them. As SaaS is an online business, we can adapt to any type of customer, so doing so will give us a big advantage over the rest.

Data needed analysis

The company is obliged to manage the following data if it wants to grow properly:

  • Use a CRM for your business
  • Identify not only the customers you consider idyllic but the real ones.
  • Examine your customers with higher LTV
  • Consider customers with the highest subscriptions
  • Act with customers to get their opinion

As a summary, we leave one of the posts with information to carry out this and more necessary ratios in your SaaS.

Within this analysis many of the companies make mistakes, as is normal, but that we must consider in order not to have them ourselves.

The association that the best customers are the ones with the highest LTV, the ones that close quickly or the ones that want the least attention, are one of the most common mistakes that are commented on by companies.

Most of the above characteristics are relevant but cannot be estimated based on only one criterion. In the first example, no wonder LTV you have, if you don’t get into the app, you never did upgrades…

Therefore, it will be necessary to analyze the variables together, we cannot isolate them, but most of them will lead us to erroneous conclusions.

Tactics to identify your customers optimally.

There are many methods of finding your customers, but from our experience, we offer some key aspects of it.

  • Gather your CRM data from the paying customers who have the best LTV. As mentioned above, the LTV is not everything, but mixing it with the type of subscription can give us a lot of information.
  • Talk to your sales team about your most important customers or companies. Don’t be direct in questions, but try to get as much information as possible, it can help you in your Inbound marketing process.
    Inbound marketing can be a great way to follow once you’ve analyzed your ideal customer.
  • Get the data from companies that have the highest degree of happiness or have a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS).
    It seems a little banal, but knowing the opinion of the customers could be one of the data that helps us the most. Take action to get your customers’ satisfaction with your product, purchase process, or any service you deem relevant.

Once you have the details of the degree of acceptance or happiness, contact those customers by mail and see if you can have a conversation with them to know their opinion more thoroughly.

Conclusions from his studies

The process of collecting all the information can be tedious, so you must know then handle the information and use it correctly.

When you have the information, you should mix the data you consider important, try mixing variables that you think are complementary to infer relevant aspects of customer characteristics.

  1. Generate another analysis of potential type buyer your business has.
  2. Upgrade your SaaS product to your needs.
  3. Refine your promotion channels or PPC, this will make you better reach your perfect customers and better segment what type of audience you want your impacts to be made to.

The following measures will make you both a better business for your current customers and to achieve greater profitability in the acquisition of those customers. This means that through customer feedback you can better optimize your SaaS tool and make it more complete and attractive. On the other hand, with all the other data obtained you can start to obtain certain signals from customers that are more related to your product. This will lead you to spend less money, lower your CAC and get your message to arrive more consistently with the public you want.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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