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If you are reading this, is probably because your SEO and SEM campaigns are not having de performance you expected from them.  But don’t worry, you are not the only one. According to the studio made by VIVA!Conversion, more than 85% of the campaigns in search engines are not optimized correctly.

Inbound marketing has proven to be very effective to improve results for SEO and SEM campaigns. In this post we’ll review some tips to improve your online paid search campaigns using Inbound.

Tips to improve your online campaigns

In Nementio we want to help you to improve your results, time ago we gave you tips to improve your blog and your marketing strategy and now we want to give you some tips to improve your current paid search campaigns.

Define your objectives

Firstly, think about what you want to achieve with this campaign before launching it. Don’t forget that your business goals must be related to the objectives you want to reach with your actions.

This first step is essential to be sure about the amount of money you are going to invest and its profitability, as an increase in sales, generation of leads or the improvement of your brand.

Focus your efforts in the best channels

If your budget is not as big as you wish it was, try to focus your efforts in those channels with more audience, Google or Facebook.

These platforms have specific functionalities for advertisers, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, where you can create advertising campaigns adapted to your objectives. Think about your audience and if it’s better to create a search campaign or a display one to increase your conversion rate.

Don’t be afraid to convert

Who are your campaigns for? To make profitable the invest you have made you have to analyze who is your target audience, which are their interest and create specific advertisings for them.

Once you have created the specific audiences, it might be the time to create remarketing campaigns. You will have the possibility to show your creations to the users that visited your page previously or accomplish the requirements you have selected for that audience.

Use the correct metrics

Every campaign has to be measured properly. The metrics give us a lot of useful information, not only if we are having the expected results but also give us the opportunity to correct mistakes we have probably make. This is the reason why we need to invest time thinking about the metrics we want, understanding the results and being able to apply the information they give us.

When you have collected all the information, test the metrics and try different kind of content to know which one works better for your audience. A/B test are perfect to improve your advertisings progressively getting to know your audience.

Update your landing pages

Effective campaigns need updated web sites. Having a lot of traffic is not useful if the page where the visitors arrive is not attractive enough to make them stay and continue their buying journey.

Improve the user experience, the speed, the aspect and the content of your web constantly is hard work, but the results will be outstanding.

You are not only giving the information the visitor is looking for, you are also giving it to them quickly, easily, simply and attractively. An optimized web will increase your conversion rate.

With these simple tips you can start to analyze and improve your campaigns, but if you need help from professionals do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to review your strategy and give you the best solutions for your business.


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