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Today we bring you a post in collaboration with Clicktime, the company that will help you to manage time perfectly and be more effective in all the processes you have to do each day.

We have selected some tips to improve the negotiation process with your clients and make them an example of success.

Maintain a good relationship with the client

Firstly, we need to attract clients, let them know that they need our services. How can we do that? Inbound marketing is the answer. With our methodology, we develop useful content for the target and once they have reached us for information we can start making specific offers and giving them the service required.

Once the process has started, take care of your customers and be by their side to help them in any service they might need is essential. Offer quality services, respect their needs and requirements and be honest about the work you are accomplishing. Following these simple tips will help you build a reputation that all people you have worked for could back up.

If your current customers recommend you to their partners or associates using the word of mouth, your company has the opportunity to build new commercial relationships and because of the reputation you already have, make them more profitable.

Establish a benchmark

Collecting information about the customers in each contact we make with them will give us the opportunity to analyze the status of our business to know what we are doing well and how we can improve to be more efficient.

With this information we can benchmark every project in different ways, making easier to track and manage our work. Also, with all this information is possible to know how the cost of the project can be reduced.

That means that the use of data, establishing good comparatives, clear objectives, tracking the work and managing the time, it will be easier to be efficient and avoid costs that are not necessary.

Find profitability

When we have to choose between different projects, we have to be able to know which one will give us better results. How can we know that?

First of all we have to think about us, which project fits better with our company? Which opportunity is better for us? Which customers are more profitable? Are we going to have the opportunity to work in the future with this client?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.  It takes time to make the correct decision, but it is not for nothing. All the information we have collected before during the buying process is useful to know that we are making the right choice.

Proactive communication

Having good communication with our clients it’s one of the most important objectives we have to work for.

To build a trust relationship, we have to be very honest about all the processes and tasks we do each day. Afterward, give a report to the client and ask for early feedback to improve the process and make them more efficient. Then, when you have the answer do not forget about them, keep tracking the activities and caring about their needs.

Inbound marketing is about quality content to attract customers needing our services. Once we have started the activities with them, find profitability is easier if we have resources to manage time and reduce costs. Now that you know how to negotiate with your clients and improve profitability, will you incorporate them to your own company?

Let us know!

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