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Folk wisdom says “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This sums up Instagrams’s philosophy, the social network of pictures that is close to achieving  1 billion active users worldwide. The prevalence of the image on Instagram is clear, but this does not mean that we should ignore the accompanying text since it can help us to differentiate our posts. So [piopialo]here you have 5 tips which will help you improve your Instagram captions and turn them into something great.[/piopialo]

Instagram Captions: how to improve your posts with a great description

Once you decide to set up an Instagram account, you’re going to wonder: and now what? How can I take advantage of all this? If you’re still here, we recommend you to write all this down? Ready?

1. Your caption should bring added value to your picture

As we have said before, the most important part of this social network is the image, so the text has the role of improving that pic, adding value to it. Therefore, it must have cohesion between what you want to convey with your pic and the text because it is very useful to understand all the background. In case you don’t know what to write it’s better to leave the caption blank than to write a text which could ruin a good pic.

2. Write with a funny and common language

The success of Instagram is based on its funny and casual language, which has achieved to daze everybody, especially the younger ones. So, all your pics and descriptions must be original if you want to get more followers and likes.

3. Be careful with your caption length

On Instagram, we have a large word limit: 2,200 characters. But you must take into account that when your followers check your post they are going to read only the first few lines (3-4 lines at the very most!).

4. Use hashtags without going over

Hashtags are really important on Instagram since they will help you to attract more followers if you choose the right ones.

Writing too many hashtags can lead that some of your followers ‘unfollow’ you, so it’s better that you don’t abuse and limit yourself to use 4 or 5 in each post, fitting naturally into the text or at the end, so they don’t interfere with the message.

5. Include emojis in your captions

Emojis can help you to shorten your text and provide more personality to your captions.


Now you are ready to improve your captions on Instagram. But wait, don’t forget to interact with your followers! It’s the key for them to share your posts with their friends.

Get a good return on your pics and if you have more interesting tips, let us know.


*The original article was written in Spanish by Javier Ramos.

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