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For many reasons, starting a SaaS business in Spain it is a good choice. In this post, we try to point out the main reasons and we will suggest some ideas to start your SaaS in Spain.

Spanish Economy

Spain is the 4th largest economy in Europe behind Germany, France, and Italy and the 5th if we still consider the United Kingdom as part of Eurozone. Spain’s economy ranks 9th worldwide.

Spain is a strong economy with an important problem: the unemployment rates are absurdly high. In 2013 the worst crisis year, we had up to 27% of unemployment. Now we have recovered, but still, we suffer from a 18.5% of unemployment. Youth unemployment has been up to 56.9%.

Spain is home to some  multinational corporations, including ACS group, one of the 5 largest construction companies, Banco Santander, one of the biggest banks, also Telefónica, Repsol, Inditex, etc.

The biggest industry in Spain is tourism. Spain is the world’s second largest tourist destination (the first one is France).

The relationship with the United States

The government relations between Spain and the United States are pretty good: we import goods from the United States worth 10 billion €. Even more, if we think that many of the imports of American products do not come directly from the United States, but they enter through other countries in Europe. Also, Spain exports goods to the United States worth 13 billion dollars.

Also, Spain is the 10th biggest investor in the United States.


  • Logistic is critical for Spanish buyers. Even more since Amazon Prime arrived in Spain.
  • Smartphone penetration rates : Spain is one of the countries with highest smartphone penetration rates in the world, so if you are into mobile marketing could be a great idea to move your SaaS about mobile advertising to Spain. Or, if you don’t have a SaaS but you want to build one, working with mobile advertising could be a great idea to start your SaaS in Spain.
  • Digital ad spending in Desktop and Mobile is estimated at 1.71 Billion Euros in 2016, with search-related spending representing 800 million Euros, according to IAB Spain Digital Ad Spending Report.
  • The top product categories for online purchases are hotels, ticket services, electronics, clothing, food, and gambling. These ideas could be also good ideas to start your SaaS in Spain: anything related to these products is something that is going to have a lot of market in Spain.
  • Last but not least, as Spain mobile marketing is growing, the need to integrate analytics, IA, big data and chatbots is becoming more and  more relevant, so if you have a SaaS about this kind of ideas and you want to expand to Spain or you have developed a SaaS to help with this kind of tools, you can always contact us to help you with your marketing, because it is a great idea to start your SaaS in Spain related to these products.

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