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Since the birth of Instagram in 2010 it has not stopped growing and it has become the trendy social network, reaching today 1,000 million of active users around the world. That’s why the creators of Instagram have taken advantage of it and they have launched a new functionality that will make it even more attractive, if this is possible, for brands and of course, for users. Are you ready to know what Instagram TV is all about? Keep reading! 🙂

What is Instagram TV?

It is usual on Instagram to try and incorporate other ideas into their social network, such as Snapchat’s Stories. Now, with this new functionality wants to face Youtube and allow to share much longer videos than we have been used to, with a length between 15 seconds and 10 minutes, or 60 minutes, if you have a verified account.

Instagram TV (IGTV) is integrated in Instagram accounts. Since a few days ago, it is available on the social network at the upper right side with an icon of a TV. You also have the possibility to download it as a free separate App for Android and iOS. We recommend that you only install this App if you intend to create content because you are a Brand or an Influencer. If not, the Instagram App itself is much more convenient and it helps you to visualize all the integrated content in only one place.

How does IGTV work?

Anyone with an Instagram account can create a channel on Instagram TV. You only need to upload a video from your mobile, recorded in vertical format, though, and with a maximum weight of 650 MB.

The IGTV imitates a classic tv because when you open the App, it automatically starts playing a video of one of the persons you follow. You also have the option to see the recommended videos for you, the most popular ones and those you have stopped watching at some point, in case you want to resume your viewing. To see the videos in full screen you just have to swipe your finger down.

[piopialo]One of the differences with the Stories is that, in addition to not disappear at 24 hours, you can make public comments.[/piopialo]

The App also allows us to receive or omit notifications when the users that we follow publish, as well as include a link in the Stories with our IGTV videos.

If you want to see how it works, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Nicky Jam, Chris Hemsworth or Shakira are already starting to use it.

Does Instagram TV have any objections?

So far, we have seen that this new functionality of Instagram has many possibilities to succeed in the near future. However, we have also detected some deficiency, such as:

  • Videos must be recorded vertically because Instagram does not adapt its format. So it limits you and pushes you to record live videos.
  • As, our visión is horizontal, watching long videos in vertical format it can give you eye fatigue.
  • Only verified accounts can upload 60-minute videos.
  • If you want to edit videos, you have to edit them first on your laptop or with another app on your mobile, and then upload them to IGTV.

How will Instagram monetize its new functionality?

We don’t know yet, but Instagram has announced that it will have soon its own monetization system with the aim of attracting the best creators of content and Influencers. In addition, the platform will allow creators to make direct sales, as well as putting visible links to their websites.


We have to continue testing IGTV but for now we like this new App. What about you? Have you already tried it? If so, tell us what you think about it.

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