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Social media is a powerful weapon within digital marketing as they reach a very wide audience. Within social networks, it is key to know which one best suits our business and use it correctly and responsibly to be able to have the impact we want. Usually, leads are seen more relationships with the generation of opportunities by other methods, but if it is true that from social networks with certain patterns you can get leads for free. Facebook is a great tool to get leads and here’s how to do it.

Facebook to generate Leads

Most companies use Facebook simply to upload their content and let it be. This execution is a little flat. It’s a great practice to have your social networks active, in fact, fundamental to your company, but you must go one step further.

On social media, you should think that even if your business is B2B, they give you the ability to be closer to a real customer. Behind the screen, you’re sure to be creating interest in people. Work that idea in such a way that you always try to generate interest in real individuals.

You’re not going to have more powerful advertising than social media. At the quality-price level, they are second to none. From Hootsuite blog, they give chilling data on what Facebook is:

  • Third most visited website in the world
  • 71% of U.S. adults use it or 51% of teens.
  • 74% of people with high incomes use it.
  • The average usage is 38 minutes per day.
  • 90 million companies use Facebook.

We believe that with the data we have just given is more than enough to take Facebook seriously and work it as soon as possible.

Keys to Mastering Facebook

Over time we have seen that many of the companies ignore certain simple but very relevant actions when generating their leads on Facebook. As, for example:

Icons on the website

Many companies have well-worked social media and a well-designed website but forget to create “engagement” between their platforms. By this, we mean that the icons and widgets that are integrated into the web pages to redirect people to your social networks are a key element for it to become important.

Another reason why this action is often wrong is to include those icons, but not to give them enough importance. Putting them in uns visibly visible areas or with a very small size usually play against. On the other hand, abusing with pop-ups or overly intrusive actions is often annoying to the consumer.

Optimize your posts

Just as we have seen that the website should point to your social networks it is also important to redirect your posts well. When you share the engaging content, you’ve created on social media, you need to keep that content not left alone in a reading.

That is, if we want to optimize our content, we must make it point to conversion sites such as landing Pages or own sections of our website where the offers or services we offer are.

Try not to make the posts not only to sell a product, as it will cause discomfort in the customer. Make sure that these posts solve real problems of customers, that they see in you a reference in your field and therefore remember you when they have a problem.

Interactions will improve the algorithm

To appear in Facebook users’ feeds, it’s important to generate content that has good numbers. By this, we mean that your posts must make people like, like, share them… that will trigger the algorithm.

When you get the algorithm to take you into account and you appear in good positions to be read, everything will become easier. To achieve these interactions you can start by asking open questions for the audience to comment on. You can also make certain sweepstakes by mentioning people or posting at different times of the day to cover as much public as possible.

Create multimedia content

The contents are evolving and currently in content that has the most impact is multimedia. A good video or a good photo can make you have more than double the usual impact.

In addition to the advice given above, Facebook’s algorithm favours all those who post multimedia content.

For all those of you who are thinking of making videos right now, remember the above tips and don’t forget a “Call to Action” in each multimedia post. As much as we receive many interactions or visualizations if we waste a lot of time looking for us, it will cause us to lose many of them along the way.

If you want to know how to perform any of these posts or which tools to use, we leave you below this article of

Use ads

It’s not one of the features we recommend doing first to try to get leads within Facebook. They can still be a good tool to get your content pushed and start generating recommendations.

It’s a good way to be able to segment your target audience and focus your efforts. From the ads, you can make, from their options, the choice of who you choose your advertising to go to.

On our website, we have published one of the most used types of ads today, PPC ads.


The work to get Leads is always characterized by being a methodical work, of effort and dedication. It’s not easy to get them to your page with the competition on the internet.

Our recommendation, apart from the previous advice, is that you be consistent in what you do, do not cease your efforts. Uploading constant content also helps logarithm. On the other hand, it is also optimal to generate that content in which you invest so many hours, you can put yourself in the place of the customer. This action will make you have another point of view and create content that’s more appropriate to them.

Finally, run away from empty content. If you want to attract customers you need to upload quality content and have them value it. When a potential customer goes to your content and can’t find what they need, you’ve probably lost it forever. For any questions you have, do not hesitate to contact us.

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