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If you work at digital marketing you will probably know that Google is constantly updating its algorithm to provide a better service to its users. Most of these changes are made several times per year and are unnoticeable and not really remarkable, that’s why Google does not announce them.


Google Announcement

The update Google made this time was important, because it has to do with the core algorithm, so they confirmed the speculations on Twitter.

They confirmed the changes but they said it wouldn’t affect the websites or the searchs. According to Google, this update has nothing to do with content, the main objective is to improve the quality that search engines used to have and benefit pages that were previously under-rewarded.


Why is Google changing its algorithm?

Every change is focused on the quality users are getting when they search for something specifically. With this last modification what Google is trying to do is guess the intention of the search.

For example, if someone search for “where to buy running shoes” Google will understand that the intention is to purchase them, so the first results will be online shops even if the ranking of these sites is lower. On the other hand, if we write “the best running shoes” Google will understand that we want information, so the results will give us information about trainers instead of places where we can buy them.


Does this change benefit someone?

The vast majority of people might think that Google changes the core algorithm to benefit companies with higher marks on the rankings, but this is not true. What Google is trying to do is help the user to get more accurate results to what they are looking for each time.

If you have a company, this change might seem damaging for your digital strategy, but don’t panic! That does not mean that you are creating bad quality content, only that probably it is not as relevant as other websites for that search.

Now you that you have more experience in Google´s algorithm, we want to know your opinión. Do you think that these adjustments will be helpful or not? We are looking forward to read from you!

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