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There is no discussion about whether localization services are necessary for any company that is going to expand internationally: to reach a new audience it is essential to speak the same language as your clients.

Nowadays, having a product translated is the least you can expect. But it is not enough to appeal to the local markets around the world. Locating a product is essential if you want to succeed.

There are a lot of translation services that just translate your web page and think that their work is over, but not well handled cultural differences can cause a disastrous impact on your business.

A localization service not only translate. Translating is just a part of localization

Translate is converting the words from a language to another. Localization also considers colors, technical aspects and other cultural differences. As an example: your web would look very different in the Arabic language because they write from right to left. Also, you would show different date formats in Spain than in the United States.

As localization is not just a matter of language, it is very important to look for a localization service located in the region you want to take your business to. A person who only speaks the language you want to translate but lives in another country doesn’t know the cultural vibes of the country.

Imagine that you translate your company’s website to take it to an Arab country but you don’t hide the women’s hair from the stock photos. You could have serious problems.

Why is so important to use good localization services?

There are two main reasons:

The client: localizing a page makes the user feel that the product is made for him, for people who speak his language.

The SEO: in the new language the keywords you want to position are not just a translation.

Also, a lot of translation companies use a computer to make a translation. There are programs that are great to translate and do a great job, like DeepL, but they are not as good as a human, at least not yet. Sometimes, automatic translators make huge mistakes like changing nouns or making nonsensical sentences. As if that weren’t enough problems, Google penalizes automatically translated content, even if is done with Google translator.

If you want to open a business in Spain, ask us about our localization services.

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