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Selling SaaS is no different than selling another product. The same marketing laws that rule all markets rule SaaS sales and you have to face the same problems selling SaaS that you have to face selling anything in any other markets.

Problems as boredom, saturation, divided attention and oversupply are problems common to all markets. How many SaaS companies can exist? Jason Lemkin, the founder of Echo Sign, the digital signature company that was bought by Adobe, says that there are more than 100,000.

Is your product worthy?

I’m sure your product is very good, that it’s the best. But is not what your competition thinks as well about their products? And why is the client going to listen to you if he has 99,999 other companies saying that his product is the best?.

Also, even if the client listens to you, put yourself in his shoes. Are you sure that his company needs your services? Is he going to give him enough ROI in a sufficiently short time? Probably you have a great product, but probably not every company in the world can profit from it.

Even if the answer is yes, are you sure they will be able to afford it? Do you think that a housewife who wants to open a bakery to sell her muffins in an old local she had, will be able to pay 100€ a month for a service like yours, no matter how good it is?

You probably think that there are other difficulties in selling SaaS, such as your customers need to be skilled in technology or need Internet access to use your products. But, there are difficulties? If you think that it is a problem selling SaaS specifically then you haven’t identified clearly your target audience. If you could say that it is a problem of SaaS industry, then you could say that the candy industry has the problem that adults consume less candy than children.

How to solve it

Problems selling Saas are the same problems that you can find any other market. But also has the same solution:

First of all, find your target audience. Find who is, find what kind of business he or she has, find his or her age, tastes, hobbies, etc and focus on it. Is not easy, is, in fact, the most difficult part of any business. You have to consider that they need your product or that they can make a profit out of it. Also, you must be sure they can afford it.

Second: be different. The only way to be seen is not to be similar to your competitors. Being first in the market is (even) better than having a better product. If you are not different from your competitors, what if you create a new category to be different from the other companies?

Yes, both tips are obvious tips, but are you following them?

Of course, it’s difficult. If it wasn’t, everyone would have their own company. But if others could do it you also can do it.

The problems selling SaaS are, of course, hard to solve, but, hard doesn’t mean impossible.

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