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It is quite clear that the best strategy when making marketing efforts is always to hire a group of experts in the sector, thus, success and execution of relevant actions will be guaranteed. For local marketing actions, it is also recommended that the agency is located in the same business area.

Let’s have a look at the main reasons to hire a local marketing agency:

Communication may be easier

When you decide to work with a national or global agency as opposed to a local one, you may find that the creative team may not be that willing to devote time to you or to your project.

On the contrary, a local agency would be willing to hold in-person meetings, brief you regularly on the project and “keep you in the loop”. Whereas the big agencies may feel that their time is too valuable and would not be that keen to allow you to micro-manage the process.

Also, face to face meetings gives you the essential information you need, to decide whether to let the marketing agency handle your project as well as gain enough information about the agency and their creative process. And in the end, it is easier to trust a team to get the job done after a face to face meeting instead of an email.

Quicker Response Time

A national agency may not have the ability to send someone over to discuss your marketing strategy for at least a few days when you have a concern while that’s the case, a local digital marketing agency is physically positioned to meet with you face to face in the immediate term.

A local digital marketing agency is committed to the community it shares with you or with your business. As such, a reputable agency will recognize that your organization’s success helps your whole community prosper. With that in mind, the local digital marketing agency you choose will labor tirelessly to respond to you as quickly as possible and help your business grow through highly effective marketing campaigns.

Deep knowledge of the market

The agency will be up to date with the latest news in the market, they are also aware of local challenges and will have valuable experience thanks to other clients in the sector. One of the biggest reasons you may want to hire a local agency is that its representatives will know the area surrounding your business. This is important in today’s connected society because local search continues to be a big “thing” in the world of Internet marketing.

Whereas a national agency may know the popular, well-advertised attractions in your area, a local agency will know all the lesser-known amenities. This will enable your local agency to do a better design of your buyer personas, to prepare tailored content (localized and perfectly adapted to the potential customer) that will make your local SEO successful, things that you probably wouldn’t get from a national agency. When local SEO is working for you, it has the very real power to literally make your phone ring and drive business to your doorstep.

Another related advantage is the reduced risk of failure thanks to the knowledge of the language, culture, local customs, local terms, preferred media, new trends in the market, etc.

Local Connections

It is more likely that the local agency has all the right connections and would know the right people in your area as opposed to say, a global agency or one situated on the other side of the world.

Like your business, a local digital marketing agency has connections with other organizations as local media agencies in your community. This can be of tremendous value when it comes to your marketing.

Your agency will have easy access to other companies or businesses in order to partner or collaborate with them at a local level and will be able to tap its friends and put together cross-promotions that benefit your organization and other local businesses, for instance. While a national agency might not get a phone call from a contact when a rival is putting together a similar marketing strategy, a local agency can depend on its contacts to share vital information.


Hiring a local agency will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business. Because your marketing team will be operating in your backyard, so to speak, they’ll be aware of changes in the local market and conditions that require your attention. A local agency will not distract you from critical responsibilities because its representatives will know when your attention is needed elsewhere due to local events or whatever.


A local digital marketing agency is familiar with current market conditions and it can adapt your marketing strategy to suit them. Local agencies witness changes firsthand because they’re affecting their literal neighbors, which is why they can adapt the marketing strategies they put together and their tactics so quickly and effectively.


The truth is that most of the local marketing agencies cost a lot less, compared to the large, nationwide companies. This is why it may make more sense from an economic point of view to go ahead with a local company.

Naturally, you would want to vet them, make sure that they have the required expertise, and experience to handle your project. Once you have selected them, you can ask them for a direct quote, and always, re-negotiate the final price, which is something you would not be able to do with the nationwide marketing agencies.


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