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Business models are changing, becomes more digital and with a high incidence of teleworking. Within these new models, a service called SaaS appears, distributing cloud-hosted software. This type of software is becoming very famous, with a big increase in its use.

Why do we need tools that improve our performance?

The non-presence of work, individualized work, or lack of time makes us aware that we need to impose a method of work within our business to promote performance individually. To do this, it is necessary to implement certain tools within the dynamics that make us have control and motivation of the workers.

Organize your tasks

It is essential that you do not waste your time looking for what to do and that you have an order of all your pending work. For this, there are very good tools that help us to have everything well organized, by priority, duration, and any parameters that we consider relevant.

  • Trello: Offers boards on which to organize your tasks in a very visual way. Fundamental, easy and intuitive tool.
  • Wunderlist: Assign tasks, create lists, prioritize and share your template. Very simple and useful.
  • Milanote: It is an easy to use tool that allows you to organise your content. It is more visual than the previous ones, allowing you to see your entire organisation at a glance. You can upload images, documents, links, make lists… It also allows you to modify and upload notes from your mobile phone.

Managing meetings

Today meetings are happening to be telematically, which often causes you to lose references from when they are. To do this, it is essential to have good management of them, trying not to overlap, not having to cancel them, and looking for a small help that reminds you when in advance.

  • Google Calendar: The best known. Visual and easy to use. Allows synchronization with any of your devices.
  • Calendly: Allows you to schedule meetings without having to contact the subjects. It syncs with Google calendar, thus knowing the time availability of each participant.

Manage your time

Distractions within a face-to-face work environment are high, but when you must do it from home they are even more so. Many times, we don’t realize how much time we waste after the day for certain routines we take.

Mobile notifications, visiting social networks, visits to the kitchen… are avoidable things that would make our work more profitable and efficient.

  • Rescue Time: It’s an application that allows you to monitor the time you spend on everything. It will send you positive or negative alerts depending on your schedule.
  • Timely: Another well-known application that consists of dividing your day into blocks of time, adapted to you. It is very simple and allows easy control of the time you are working.
  • Toggl: Something more complex than the previous ones, offers you a complete time-tracker of your daily actions. At the end of the week, he presents you with a report with quality information.

Automate tasks

Think within your work how many actions you routinely do and could be performed with a program. Well, earn that time using certain apps that will get you to do the same job as you, leaving you free that time to invest it in other tasks.

  • Zapier: It is the best known SaaS application for the automation of tasks. You will be able to centralize contacts, capture customers, receive flippers… Besides, this application can be linked to Trello or Wunderlist.
  • UiPath: Pure process automation application that allows you to design, develop and control a robotic force that resembles your employees.

Employee motivation

Many times, we have the tools to be efficient in our work, but we simply don’t have enough motivation to do it. This complex task on the part of the company can be developed with certain programs that offer challenges to workers looking to put goals or objectives to increase their motivation.

In this section there are certain applications such as  Forest or Productivity Challenge Timer,  which help you with working times, motivating you with certain actions or reports to increase it.

Even so, we believe that other types of actions can be generated from the company itself:

  • Generate distinctions for those employees who stand out.
  • It offers commissions, if you have a good financial situation, to those employees who improve their yields or exceed a parameter.
  • Be close and have private conversations with your employees.
  • Invest in your training.

All these tips will make it possible for your workers to increase their profitability and achieve an increase in productivity in the medium term. To do this you must be conscientious with your method and offer it clearly to your workers. Keep your ideas clear and build credibility in your words. It ensures that everyone is convinced that these tools will have a beneficial impact on the company and for them.

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