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If you want to start a business in Spain and want to attract people, you will need a website and some articles written in Spanish. In Spain, like in any other country in the world, you can reach better your target if you speak his own language. So create content in Spanish is very important.

A question with two parts: Should and you

So there are two parts in the question. The first one is should. Yes, you should create content in Spanish. If you want to move to another country you should translate your web and your content to the country’s language. And, with Spanish, also, you have a great advantage: Spanish is the official language in 20 countries. Of course, every country has its own Spanish. Spanish is not the same in Venezuela than in Spain, in the same way that Australian and American English is not the same English. But once you have a text in English it can be understood by everyone.
The second part of the question is You. And the answer is: it depends, but probably no.

Create content in Spanish myself or contract a professional?

So you know a lot of Spanish and you want to create your own content in Spanish: your videos, your blog posts, your e-books, etc.
Being able to speak a language is not just knowing the vocabulary, the grammar and every technical aspect of the language. The complicated part is the cultural background.
Even if you have been 20 years in a country probably you will have problems with some expressions and idioms.  Look at me: I am Spanish, but I have a C1 Advanced in English. According to Cambridge, that means that I can:
  • Follow an academic course at university level
  • Communicate effectively at a managerial and professional level
  • Participate with confidence in workplace meetings or academic tutorials and seminars
  • Express myself with a high level of fluency.
But, probably, if you are an English native, you find a lot of mistakes in this article. Even if it is grammatically correct (I hope it is), you are going to find expressions or mistakes that are not said in the same way in U.S.A. or U.K. Do you know the meaning of pamplinas or zoquete? There are not common words in Spanish, but they are known by every Spanish speaker.
So, if you have less than a C2, you should let a professional do it. Think about that in this way:
Would you make your own website? Would you make your own designs? What about your tax return? Usually, you let that kind of things to professionals. Do it yourself or have a worker doing it (unless, of course, he or she is a Spanish or Hispanic worker) is risky. You are risking to have low-quality content or to commit mistakes, not only grammatical but cultural. That can present a poor image of your company. It is worth the risk? I don’t think so. Be professional and contract somebody who can help you with your content in Spanish.

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