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The Spanish Association for Media Research (AIMC) recently revealed that geolocation services in Spain (searches and receipt of nearby establishments) have increased by 46% compared with 2017. This kind of marketing, known as [piopialo]Proximity Marketing, opens a wide range of new promotion opportunities for businesses in the street [/piopialo]. In this post we tell you what Proximity Marketing is and how you can take advantage of it for your aesthetic clinic.

What is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity Marketing is a kind of marketing that uses the proximity of customers to advertise to those people who are close to a specific place (hotels, restaurants, stores, shopping centers, airports, etc.)

However, for this technology to be possible it’s necessary that clients have the Bluetooth, WiFi, QR Code or NFC activated on their mobile device or they have the App of your business downloaded, through which you can offer coupons, personal discounts or exclusive offers.

Therefore, it is a marketing based on three pillars: geolocation, speed and personalization.

How can you use Proximity Marketing for your Aesthetic Clinic?

Proximity Marketing, through mobile devices, allows promotions as long as users wish it, so like Inbound Marketing, it tries to attract the customer in a non-invasive way.

Your aesthetic clinic can use this type of marketing in the following ways:

  • Placing beacons in your aesthetic center for people who want can receive on their mobile your notifications of offers when they are inside your place.
  • Through the App of your clinic it is identified when a client is close to one of your beacons and it will be then when a promotion is shown on their mobile, as long as users have given their permission to the App.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that for Proximity Marketing to be effective it is advisable to send short, clear, concise and shocking messages; offer customers incentives to get back, such as discount coupons, and as in any digital marketing campaign, don’t forget to analyze their results to know your response and success rates.

Case studies of Proximity Marketing

Red Bull has been one of the companies that has successfully used Proximity Marketing. This energy drinks company launched an action that consisted of notifying people who were in a supermarket queuing or walking around, to activate the Bluetooth if they wanted to receive exclusive offers on their mobile.

Not only large companies take advantage of the benefits of Proximity Marketing. For example, more than 40 shops and little corner stores of Valladolid (a Spanish city) have beacons to offer their products to customers, while increasing their loyalty and collect valuable analysis.


Although this kind of marketing still has a long way to go, it is expected that in the next few years it will be an important channel of communication between stores and consumers, due to the advantages it presents, such as the sending and receiving of free information and the possibility of segmentation.

In Nementio we can help you with your digital marketing strategy for your aesthetic clinic. Ask us! We will be glad to help you 🙂

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