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More and more platforms are coming to the digital world to make life easier for entrepreneurs and to have more options to be on the network. Using Clubhouse in your company can have a great impact as we are talking about a tool that is created to optimise communication.

Nowadays, if you have a company, it is an obligation to be present on social networks. The ease with which you can communicate with your audience and easily reach new customers, can not be done with any other tool. This tool is the perfect ally in your Inbound Marketing strategy.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social network born in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Paul Davidson.

In the first month of the application, they already had 12 million dollars in funding, which gave the application a huge boost. Although Clubhouse’s best ally has indeed been the pandemic itself, where communication had to be online.

Clubhouse is an application that basically works with sound messages, which tries to develop conversations purely by voice. The people in the groups have the ability to speak or just listen, so it gives a lot of flexibility to the client.

As for the method used by the app itself, it is not very different from other applications as it has messages that are instantly deleted over time.

You can create rooms to talk and allow others to hear what you are saying in the app, thus spreading your message. When you enter the app, you will have to mark the topics you find most interesting so that you can get recommendations on certain topics.

When you log in you will have the main menu where you will be able to see the topics most related to your tastes, the speakers that make up those groups and how many people are listening to that conversation.

By choosing your tastes, you can generate a lot of chatter by grouping people who want to exchange information on specific topics. This allows you to increase your knowledge and meet people. The possibility that this application gives you to listen to the content whenever and wherever you want is one of its strong points.

Clubhouse features

It is clear that it is a very interesting alternative for you to start using Clubhouse within your company, but here we want to show you what its main features are:

Direct audio 

Unlike the usual theme of social media, which works through text messages, images or a combination of both, Clubhouse focuses on audio.

Through voice messaging in rooms, Clubhouse aims to bring different sectors together in an organised way so that they can discuss interesting topics.

This creates synergies between people, who can feed back their knowledge through people who are specialists in the same field.


This differs greatly from other social networks that can have a more noxious atmosphere or hinder its main function. In Clubhouse you need to have an invitation to be able to access the platform.

These invitations are generated by each user and make perfect sense. Once you open an account you only have the option of inviting two people. By doing so, they make the users the moderators of the application themselves. If you are very active on the platform, the application will reward you by giving you some extra invitations.

Another aspect that generates exclusivity is that the messages are momentary, i.e. they do not last forever and you will have to be in the moment to take advantage of them.

It works through rooms

To make it easier to group themes, Clubhouse works using theme rooms. In these rooms, a maximum of 5000 people are allowed, which can be either listeners or participants. It is a great way to get you into topics that interest you without having to waste your time watching an infinite number of groups. In these rooms, you can learn about trends, get ideas for your business and get in touch with experts you didn’t know about.

Benefits of using Clubhouse in your company

There are many benefits that social networks can bring to your business, but in this case, using Clubhouse in your company can have very different characteristics to other networks as it is a new method of communication.

Your company’s marketing can benefit from this as you will have a greater impact.

  • You can be a benchmark in your sector: Knowledge is a highly valued asset in business and in a social network of this type it is very easy to disseminate certain content that would be impossible in others. A conversation between two leaders in the sector can be a masterpiece that many people value.
  • Make your company known: Often there are thousands of companies in the same sector and many of those that are not known does not have what they deserve. That is to say, there are companies in oblivion with great work behind them that want to be known, but others became known before and this is a great barrier to being at the forefront. This is your moment. With this social network, you can show your full potential.
    Using the Clubhouse biography is a good way for you to create a letter of introduction for yourself and your company.
  • Increase your network of contacts / Networking: As in almost all areas of life, having contacts is essential to meet new opportunities or learn from them. In this case, with this social network, you will combine contacts all in one. You will be known both by future clients and by business people interested in your sector.
  • Generate new activity: If you want to boost your visibility in Clubhouse, you can have a calendar of activities to do in it. Generating regular meetings with your listeners and colleagues in the sector will make you more relevant in the application.
    Another option is to regularly generate virtual events in which, although you are not the main protagonist, you are the visible face. Your clients will be delighted to be able to be in the same room talking about a subject they are passionate about.

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