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The SaaS advantage is game-changing. Is something that makes SaaS different from any other company or business.

Of course: starting a company is always hard, there are always lots of problems, tons of difficulties, and a bunch of little or big things that will make you think about giving up.

There is no exception: whether you want to open a mining company or you want to set up a lemonade stand, you are going to face a lot of trouble.

But there is a game-changing advantage in Saas:

You are in control.

I can´t repeat it enough times: You are in control.

Control the users

If your users need some (reasonable) changes, both, the old users and the users to come, you can provide it. You change it in your server and everybody receives it.

Imagine if your SaaS were not a SaaS, but the motor industry: if you need to change a fuel tank you must call to all your old customer to ask them to bring their car and change the tank. You need to spend money on looking for your clients and money in every single car you need to change. That happened with the case of Ford Pinto and they decided not to call everybody because of costs. That is the SaaS advantage: you are in control, so you can change everything for everybody without even getting out of your chair.

Not only to attend your users: if there were some kind of loophole that somebody is using to use your product for free, you can change it easily.

Imagine if your SaaS were not a SaaS, but the movie industry and somebody uploaded a copy online. Once it is online there is nothing you can do to stop it from being distributed for free. But that is the SaaS advantage: you are in control, so if in any way somebody is using your SaaS for free in an inappropriate way, you can limit that accounts the access to your product. As an example: if you are having a lot of new users that want to try your 30-days free trial from the same Ip, you can tell that you can´t provide more free trials to that Ip if they can’t justify so many requests from the same place.

You can protect yourself and make a better world with your company: If somebody is making something illegal with your product, you can ban him from the use of your product forever.

Imagine if your SaaS were not a SaaS, but a hardware company: you can sell a computer and Al Qaeda could use it to their terrorist stuff. You could choose to not sell anything to them again, but you can´t retake the computers you have already sold. That is the SaaS advantage: you are in control, so, if in some way, you discover they are using your product, you can ban their accounts and give their data to the authorities.

Expand and move without costs

You can expand (or decrease) without big costs: If you have a lot of new clients, you can expand without your old clients notice, without needing a moving company

Imagine if your SaaS were not a SaaS, but a book selling company and you need to move because you need a bigger space and you can´t expand more in your building. Whether you need a bigger warehouse or a bigger shop, you are going to need trucks and trucks to move all your stuff from a location to another. That is the SaaS advantage: you are in control, so, even if you need to move everything from a server to another you can do it transparently for your clients, without losing or damaging any of your products and in less of a couple of days.

You can reach other markets without huge operational costs.

Imagine if your SaaS were not a SaaS, but an ovens company and you need to move to Spain. You need to translate the manuals and every single button in your product and then print both: English manual for the English market and Spanish manual for the Spanish market. And classify them to match the manuals in Spanish with the ovens for Spain. That is the SaaS advantage: you are in control, so, once you have your pages located to Spain, you just need a good plugin to help you translate it. And, in case you made a mistake and you used not a good localization system,  you can always change your Spanish page and fix the bad translations, something that you cannot do if you had a paper manual

We could use infinite examples: you can make exact copies of your business without cost, you can add an infinite number of clients at near zero cost, you can move your business from Spain to New Zealand without nobody noticing, you can change anything and everybody is going to enjoy the changes instantly, you can know and control how your client use your products, etc. etc: That is The SaaS advantage: you are in control. Never in history has there been an industry with this huge advantage of having total control of their product. Use it in your advantage.

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