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In a company in any field, communication with consumers is a basic aspect for the proper functioning of the entity. From the first moment you create the company you have to assume that problems are going to be generated. Customers may have problems with your product or may simply need help in some respect. It is very important that you manage to have a thoughtful, pleasant and effective communication with the client.

Effective communication with the consumers

Which means having effective communication with consumers to make them leave happy, with their doubts or problems solved and with a good opinion of the company.

One of the first steps is to make attention more human than robotic. It is positive that we have some automated methods to be able to offer a more efficient and faster service, but the consumer often likes to feel the closeness of a conversation with a person and not one as cold as with a computer.

Next, we’ll leave some of the tips we consider most important when communicating with our customers.

Brief and direct

When a customer has a problem, they need it resolved quickly. You don’t want to waste time or have to go through many steps to fix them.

Therefore, we must optimize the response methods, so that we create a database with frequently asked questions so that they are directly, with concecised answers and that they are as simple as possible.

As for brevity, it is also a positive aspect for the company. Having all levels well coordinated will make us not waste too much time with each query, we can serve everyone in a better way and avoid long queues. From the contractual level, having well organized customer support,will make ourworkers more efficient, thus being able to cover contracting costs.

Consistent communication

Within the company we should promote an education of our workers, if it is on its own better. That is, to invest in everyone following the same pattern when defining communication with consumers, that there are no contradictions between them and that they address the consumer in a similar way.

When communicating with the customer, we need to use a positive language, which focuses on how to solve the problem. Let us try to team up with our client to solve the problem, by using verbs in second people of the plural. The use of “must”, “we need”, “we do” … will generate that impression of equipment and company membership, which will be positive when dealing with the problem.

Individualize your interactions with the consumer

Together with the previous point, we must always try to address ourselves by the name of the person who asks us for help. For example, starting the conversation if it’s phone presenting us, it will be a great way to be able to know the customer’s name and refer to it.

On the other hand, if communication with consumers is via e-mail, it is very cold to use the words “sir” to refer to one of them. Let’s try to find out the customer’s name. If this is not possible, use other generics closer as some company membership nickname.

Stock report

There are many types of problems possible, but in certain fields you have to follow a procedure to solve them.

Customers often like to be informed of the steps we take to fix their problems. For example, in a SaaS product, to solve a performance issue, the customer will like to know what you’re doing to solve their problem. This can be of great help in case in the future that problem happens again, he himself can even solve it.

In other fields it will be more difficult to give that Feedback, but try as much as possible that the relationship during the solution is fluid, the customer is comfortable and as we said before, it feels part of the solution.

Apologize appropriately

On certain occasions in very difficult to fulfill all the requests that come to us or we have simply made a mistake. Just as we have to assume that in our business there will be problems, we know that customer service can fail. He’s human.

In these cases, offer an apology, to be able to be drafted. Get a good wording of that apology, admit that things haven’t worked out rather, and even offer the customer some kind of benefit.

Try to make that conversation work for something productive. If there are any questions you can’t solve, get the answer and keep calling the customer. Don’t forget it or it’ll be a fatal mistake.

Conclusions on consumer communication

With the possibilities that the Internet gives us today, it greatly increases our communication capabilities with consumers.  Depending on what our business is like, it will be more or less advisable to use one or the other.

Usually, try to specialize in one method of communication without leaving the others aside. As we mentioned before, try to make it personal arlier than through a machine. If you specialize in call communication, feel free to also generate your database for possible communications by mail, SMS, WhatsApp…

The age of the public will make you very guide which of the above options is most viable for your business.

For our side, invite them, if they have any questions, to consult with us so that they can solve it.

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