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Many SaaS companies now do not have their processes well implemented, having their teams wasted and poorly performing.

Why is my team’s productivity low?

There are many reasons why a worker may not be being productive enough. Still, many of these reasons have an explanation. Within a SaaS company, there should always be a control of the productivity of our team, being vital to the benefits of the company. The easy situation may be hiring or firing people, but our team’s job education can pay greater benefits in terms of productivity and well-being. Here are some guidelines to implement in your SaaS business:

Be more productive working less

It may be strange, but many times it’s no longer better. Simply keeping a worker 8 hours in front of the monitor won’t make you more productive.
Often freshness and time limitation makes you more productive in a shorter time. This means you’re more focused, making better decisions, and working more effectively.

According to the following infographic, made with 2015 data, we looked top left at countries with very high working hours, about 9-10 hours per day. On the other hand, the countries located on the right and bottom are countries with lower working days, around 5-6 hours.

Just by looking at the graph, we realize that there is a higher concentration of countries in the lower right, which coincidentally also coincides with countries with high GDP per capita.

This confirms the above, that not always working more is more productive. We will have to optimize this situation to know which one best suit our company.

Minimize your distractions

Maintaining concentration on a task is essential to properly develop it, in fact, in certain efforts such as programming, it is vital that we can be concentrated for long periods of time.

For optimal concentration, try the following actions:

  • Keep your phone in “do not disturb” mode.
  • Reduce notifications for your apps
  • Facedown the smartphone screen.

Regaining concentration can be a fairly long task, it is estimated that on average it can take 25 minutes to return to your concentrated tasks.

Make the most of your time and you’ll notice the results.

Take advantage of automation

Currently, the most monotonous tasks can be automated, so that they will offer you greater availability for other matters.

On the other hand, these monotonous tasks can be frustrating for the worker. Nobody likes to do the same thing for a long time. It makes you lose motivation and worsens your performance.

Get a mentor

In all the work there is always a figure of the experienced worker, who has stumbled a thousand times, has solved a thousand problems and has answers for most of the events that occur in the day to day. Take advantage of that profile.

Every worker often needs someone to offer help and guide them on their workday. Support from someone who teaches you the process and helps you can be critical to the development of your work.


Use processes to organize your work

Using certain tools to help you plan your work and perform measurements will let you know if your equipment is working well.

Scrum is one of these processes that are applied to work collectively, indicated for complex environments, where results are sought and innovation, competitiveness, flexibility, and productivity prevail.

Follow the two-minute rule

Coupled with the previous point, have an organization in your tasks and know how much performance each one can take. In the 2-minute rule, number two is simply anecdotal, not applicable. It simply means that you must see which of your tasks are the easiest, how long they would take you and act.

In this way, you would prioritize first eliminating tasks that you know will take little time to finish them. This will make you take off the pressure and work with a greater concentration towards the other tasks.

It’s not strange to feel overwhelmed when you look at your to-do list for the day and you see a lot. If you manage to reduce half of them in a short period of time, you’re sure to feel more motivated.

Regulate your rest.

It is just as important to regulate your work as your rest. The human being is not a machine and it is not only served with wanting, to be able to. The concentration has a limit and it is you want to lengthen that concentration, take breaks.

One of the most followed currents is the 90-minute rule. This means that the human body is prepared for concentration periods of between 1.5 and 2 hours. Therefore, manage your work in such a way that you enter small rest periods (15-20min) every 90 minutes. This will make you optimize your concentration spikes.

On the other hand, it is very important to optimize the rest of each worker in their private lives, the performance can drop a lot if you do not sleep properly.



Optimizing your support team to improve your SaaS products is of great importance. Apart from these tips, there are also certain tips such as exercise, training deadlines, multitasking elimination, or meeting limitation, which will also make your teamwork better.

Your team’s job education is unusual within a company, but it can bring great benefits to it. Aside from the benefits to the company, these tips will individually help your workers be more comfortable and happier at work.

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