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It is possible that there is some brand which you can not live without, right? It is what is known as Lovemark, a brand that managed to position itself in your heart and not in your brain. A very important achievement due to the huge variety of similar products that exist today. Through this strategy, many brands empathize with the consumer and touch him, so they always choose them before others. Do you want to know how to turn your aesthetic clinic into a Lovemark? Keep reading!

What does the term “Lovemark” mean?

It is possible that you have heard about Lovemarks lately. But do you know what it means? [piopialo]A Lovemark is a marketing strategy whose purpose is to position a product in the mind of the consumer, through links related to the behavior of its audience.[/piopialo] In this regard, its founder, Kevin Roberts, affirms that “in order to large companies survive, they need to create loyalty which goes beyond sense”.

The goal of Lovemarks is to achieve the loyalty of their customers, putting themselves in their shoes, taking actions to touch them, so the first thing you should do in your aesthetic clinic is to develop a loyalty strategy.

The emotion as a weapon for customer loyalty

Emotion plays an essential role in the decisions that people make in their daily life. Their stimulation can influence our decisions as consumers, because [piopialo]if a brand manages to provoke the right emotion in our brains, it will make us loyal and achieve a lasting relationship.[/piopialo]

The brands that are capable of appealing to human emotions are capable of influencing on the subconscious. So, if a person wants to undergo an aesthetic treatment and the first thing that comes to its mind is the brand experience of your aesthetic clinic, he or she will tend to go to your beauty center to get the treatment.

“What moves human beings is emotion, not reason” – Maurice Levy, former president of Publicis Groupe.

Essential ingredients of an aesthetic Llovemark

To turn your aesthetic clinic into a Lovemark it is necessary to take into account the following tips:

  • You must have defined the mission, vision and values of your clinic to be able to communicate them correctly through your products and services.
  • It is recommended that you focus on a specific market niche to improve the efforts of your strategy and reach out the right audience.
  • As we have commented previously, emotions play a very important role in any marketing strategy. Therefore, use emotional arguments to create engagement with your customers.
  • Organize events and activities to create a satisfactory brand experience.
  • And, finally, transmit a unique and different value through all your actions.


Now that you know what’s a Lovemark and how you can turn your clinic into one of them, you just need to put in place a plan to achieve it!

If during the process, you have any doubt, we can help you with your digital marketing strategy for your aesthetic clinic. Feel free to contact us! We will be happy to help you?

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