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Spain is known by the high penetration of the mobile phone. 97% of the population has a mobile phone. It is the country in the world with more mobile users (relative to its population). The world average is 60%. If 97% of Spanish populations has a mobile phone, Spain surpasses this average by almost 40 points.

To get an idea: only 50% have a laptop and an even smaller percentage, 35%, have a desktop computer. Other technologies have even less penetration: 20% have wearables (watches and bracelets), 8.5% have an intelligent car and only 2% have intelligent appliances.

Everybody in Spain use a mobile phone

Virtually everyone in Spain has a mobile phone. This practical identity between population and number of mobile users allows us to identify the use of the mobile phone with the customs of the population as a whole:

We know that 90% of the population with a mobile phone in Spain uses Whatsapp and 25% use Instagram. Given the enormous penetration of the mobile phone, it is not necessary to make a major calculation to know that (practically) 90% of Spaniards have Whatsapp and that (practically) a quarter have Instagram.

However, this data contrasts with the fact that less than 70% of Internet connections are made through mobile devices. This is a weird fact if we consider that mobile phone almost double the number of laptops and triple the number of desktops.

We buy through the mobile

What is not surprising, with this penetration rate, is that Spain is also well above average in the percentage of users who buy through mobile:

63% of mobile users buy over the Internet. 13 points of difference with the first place, Indonesia, with 76% and also far from the world average, 55%, which Spain surpasses by 8 points.  It is expected that 75% of Internet purchases will be made through a mobile phone in 2021.

We don’t spend too much time using mobile

In spite of mobile penetration in Spain, we are well below the average in hours of use: Spaniards use the average mobile 2:11 hours a day. The world average is 3:14 hours. Thailand holds the record, with 5 hours a day.

Technology is advancing in Spain as fast as in the rest of the world. The 4G has not yet become popular and the 5G is already popular: 70% of companies believe that in 2021 they will be using 5G. This is a higher percentage than that of users who have used 4G.


So, if you are not convinced yet, you can read more reasons to adapt your pages to mobile phones.


Source: Informe Ditrendia Mobile 2019

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