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Have you ever had to wait a long time for an answer to a question about a product you were interested in and finally you decided to give up on the purchase?

Precisely to solve this inconvenience there is conversational marketing, a technique that according to experts will be a trend this year.

If you want to find out how it can benefit your business, keep reading!

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is marketing that aims to improve the shopping experience of customers, achieving a fluid and direct communication with the brand, and a more efficient process towards conversion.

This kind of marketing is based on real time conversations, more personalized and close, using chats located on the web or social networks.

When a potential customer is thinking about making a purchase it is essential to listen to them and answer their questions immediately, as this can make a difference and increase their confidence in the brand. We all like to feel that they care about our needs and give us answers as quickly as possible, which can directly influence us to decide on one or another product or service.

But, you may be concerned about how to respond immediately. To do this you must develop a good conversational marketing strategy.

How can you implement conversational marketing?

Here are some ways you can implement this type of marketing:

Live Chat

With the live chat the user can have a conversation in real time during the time when someone on the team is available. The strong point of these chats is the possibility of attending to complex and personalized questions.

Ejemplo de Marketing Conversacional

Seguros Afemefa has a live chat available during working hours


The use of virtual assistants is becoming more widespread with the advance of artificial intelligence systems, so chatbots have also become a trend.

This type of chat is integrated into the web and the user can start a conversation at any time (24/7), getting immediate answers to their questions. The system answers with previously prepared sentences. It uses a natural and close language, so a fluid and logical conversation is developed.

Filters can be created so that the most frequent and routine questions are solved by an automatic answer, and to detect users who need to be attended by a person because their questions are more complex.

In addition, a chatbot allows you to provide potential customers with relevant content to move them through the shopping funnel.

Examples of Conversational Marketing

Zara provides its users with a virtual assistant

Facebook Messenger

Facebook also has the option to start a conversation with users who have questions about a product or service, from the brand’s own page or from the web, since it can also be integrated in such a way that this chat appears as a window in the lower right part of the website.

Ejemplo de Marketing Conversacional

Through Facebook Messenger, Burberry allows you to have a conversation with their chatbot


Finally, we have the WhatsApp chat that is inserted into the web. Users can start a conversation without having to save the company’s phone number on their mobile phone first. They just need to click on the WhatsApp logo and will automatically be redirected to the brand chat.

Ejemplo de Marketing Conversacional

Dr.Bline offers its customers to contact them via WhatsApp chat.

Other advantages of conversational marketing

In addition to quickly and easily resolving doubts about a certain product, chats have other benefits, such as:

  • Recommend content to your customers: You can use the conversation to suggest blog posts related to articles that may interest them or offer them e-books or videos which provide more information for the purchase.
  • Attract more qualified leads through chat conversations.
  • Up Selling and Cross Selling: When the user has made a purchase on the page, the bot can suggest buying other related or complementary products.
  • Filter potential buyers: Through notifications, the chatbot can alert the salesperson who can communicate with a ‘hot lead’. This allows human intervention only when necessary.
  • Save time: Having a set of automated FAQ answers saves time (and resources) for the company and saves users time in receiving that information they need instantly.
  • Use the information: All the interactions we generate through conversational marketing allow us to obtain valuable information about customers. Therefore, you must have a database to store, order and use it to offer the customer a better shopping experience.


As you can see, with these actions you can get the most out of your conversational marketing strategy.

If you need help with the implementation of a chat on your website, please, contact us. In Nementio we are glad to help you. We are an Inbound Marketing agency. Get to know us!

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