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If you had an offline business, like a store, you’d want it to be as visible as possible. You’d rather be on the main street than in a place where no one passes by.

With an online business (or with the online part of your offline business) being visible is much cheaper than renting premises on the main street, but it is also much less intuitive. It’s not enough to have a nice and eye-catching design, the best products and the best price. For people to see you in a place that you don’t physically walkthrough you need to have something more than that.

If in real life you need to have a presence, on the Internet, where there are no physical entities, you need much more. That’s why it’s usually a good idea to devote part of the budget to invest in acquiring that presence. But this is also complicated because there are many digital marketing agencies. And there are also many things to consider.

So there is no single answer to the question: Which is the best digital marketing agency? But there is an answer to a much more interesting question: Which is the best digital marketing agency for you?

Which is the best digital marketing agency for you?

Every company is different, every need is different and the best digital marketing agency for one may not work for another, so whatever this blog entry says, you have to act with common sense. But we believe that we have to take into account, mainly, these points:

1. That the agency is from the country you are going to

There are no barriers on the Internet. From your home you can visit a Kuala Lumpur page or visit Wikipedia in the strangest language you can think of. Everything can be the same for everyone and the borders are completely diluted. And this is very nice and is behind the very idea of the Internet. But if you visit a page frequently and not once in your life for curiosity, you need it to be in a language you can read. What’s more: if the page is yours and you want to sell, it’s not enough that it’s in the same language, it has to speak the same way as the reader.

A reader from Spain is not going to buy as easily on a page that speaks Spanish from Mexico as a page that speaks Spanish from Spain. A reader from England is not going to buy a page that speaks English from the United States as easily as a page that speaks English from England. Speaking the same dialect avoids misunderstandings and communicates much more fluently. That’s why the agency must be in the country you’re going to go to: it’s better to have a small agency in the country you’re going to than an enormous one that doesn’t have a delegation in that country. The best digital marketing agency is the one that best knows the country you’re going to.

2. That the agency has experience

In a field like Internet marketing, we are not going to find a company with 50 years of experience, but some with five or six. You learn from everything and a company needs time to find a way of working. That an agency has experience means two things:

The first is that it has had time to organize its internal workflows. This means that you will waste less time, that you will get more with less and that it will be easier to be received as a client without risking misunderstandings or having to repeat the same things.

The second is that they have done it well so far. That the clients they have had have been paying them because they have been satisfied with their service. If an agency has been able to stay afloat it has been because it has given good service. That an agency has been chosen by other companies means that it has something worthy. That more companies work with them gives some peace of mind, because this already tells us that it meets a few minimums. The best digital marketing agency is the one that has been in the market for more than two years.

3. That they know Inbound Marketing

We are entering the second decade of the 21st century. Classic marketing has changed and now we are in digital marketing. Until 2005, digital marketing was practically the same as the marketing of the physical world, but that year Inbound Marketing was invented. And everything changed.

According to Inbound Marketing entry from Wikipedia:

Inbound marketing is a marketing technique designed to attract potential customers by offering interest-oriented content to their needs and queries as consumers.

In other words, with a simplistic but clear analogy: traditional marketing used to see the company as a predator that see customers as gazelles to catch. Inbound marketing sees your customers as bees and therefore turns your company into a flower.

It’s much cheaper and works in the long run. This is important. Do you remember an ad you saw last year? And the previous one? Those ads could have yielded a lot of income at the time, but now they are investments that have been lost. However, think of something you want to know on the Internet. Google it. All the articles on the topic are from this year? Think of a company, a shop or any business that you were happy with and to which you would return or come back with some assiduity, can you think of a company from more than a year ago? Probably yes. Inbound marketing is designed so that the customer remembers you forever, not to show an ad that is forgotten.

The best digital marketing agency is one whose employees know the latest marketing trends.

4. Skilled Workforce

That it has specialized workers

The designer cannot be the same one who is in charge of writing your texts. This will have to be done by a journalist who, in turn, cannot be the same one who solves a technical problem. And the one who solves the technical problem cannot solve a design issue. The designer will do that.

Although, in the end, working in an agency, all the workers end up knowing a little about everything, they only know their field in depth.

The only way to make sure you have a good design is to ask a professional, a designer. The only way to have good texts is if they are written by someone who specializes in writing them. And in order to not hire each professional separately and risk a disaster, it is better to hire an agency. An agency with several contracted workers who have already worked together on multiple projects is a guarantee of security.

The best digital marketing agency is one that has a varied team whose members know each other.

5. Smooth Communication

This fifth point is the most controversial: I even would say that is better if the agency is not big. If your company is not huge, for the big agencies you are not going to be a priority, but for a small agency, you are going to be very important. A small agency is going to communicate better with you, it’s going to listen to you, it’s going to attend to you and it’s going to work with you to make your business grow because they are really interested in doing well for you and becoming your long-term marketing agency.

The best digital marketing agency is the one that has you as a preferred client.

These requirements seem essential to us, but no one will know better than you what is best for your company. You can help us find out if you tell us.

Sure that there are some agencies that meet these requirements but, needless to say, we recommend you Nementio as the best Spanish Inbound marketing agency to help you grow your business and achieve your goals.

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