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Mobile phones have become an essential tool in our daily lives, without which many of us couldn’t live. For this reason, mobile phone has been consolidated in the last year as the favorite device for users with 95%, exceeding the computer for the first time with 91%, according to IAB. Therefore, it is increasingly common for companies to include mobile Apps in their digital marketing strategies.

We tell you some of the benefits of an App in the following post.

The company Flurry Analytics states that a user spends an average of 5 hours a day on his phone and more than half of this time he dedicates to the Apps, according to the data collected in its latest study. In addition, in 2017 the income through Apps generated a total of 76,000 million dollars, so it is the right moment to launch an App in your business. Do you want to know what benefits it has?

Advantages of brand communication

Mobile applications allow you to show the products or services of your company to a large number of users. Including this innovation in your digital strategy will get them to access the contents of your brand easily and quickly.

In addition, your App will serve as a channel of promotion and marketing and you can inform your users about news, offers, interesting topics… activating push notifications to automatically reach their mobile. Also, you can carry out Proximity Marketing, since through the App you can identify when customers are near to your store or inside to show them some kind of promotion on their devices.

The Apps offer the possibility of synchronizing it with social networks, therefore, users will be able to recommend it and raise awareness among their friends.

On the other hand, if you have a good ASO strategy (equivalent to SEO for Apps), you will achieve that your brand will rank among the top positions in your category in Google Play Store and App Store.

Possibility of increasing sales

With an App you will increase your income, thanks to digital payment methods, fast and secure. But you can not only get income from your products and services, also from advertising, subscriptions and downloads of the App.

However, to increase sales it is essential that the App be an effective channel of customer service and after-sales service. With help of CRM, which can be integrated into the application, and chatbots, you can attend your customers 24 hours a day immediately.

Enhance users loyalty

With the App you promote the loyalty of your customers through special offers and personalized content to their tastes and needs. The more you feel comfortable with your brand, the more purchases you will make and as a consequence you will reduce the costs for acquisition (CPA), for that reason, customer retention after the purchase is essential for your business.


Therefore, with an App you will reinforce the different stages of the purchasing process: attraction, conversion and loyalty. In addition, you will offer a better UX and improve the Buyer Journey. So, if you decide to start your App, do not hesitate to tell us? We will be happy to know about your App.

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