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Marketing can no longer be taken as something local as it is very easy to reach all types of products through the internet. Opening the sights of your business will turn you into a global player in the market, which will lead to an increase in business opportunities. That is why we tell you in the following post how to have an effective international content marketing strategy.

What is content marketing?

The reality of face-to-face marketing is that it is losing more and more of its strength and anything was taken online has a greater impact. If we look around us, it is difficult to see a person under 60 years old without a smartphone with an internet connection and exposed to online marketing.

But what do we call content marketing?

Content marketing is where we focus on creating unique, valuable, interesting, coherent and relevant content for the reader. With this content, we try to attract and retain readers. We do not want to attract just any reader but only those who are really interested in our content and with whom we can create a long-term relationship. With this work, we will try to create profitable actions with the client.

When we talk about content marketing we have to take into account that we are talking about free actions for the customer where we simply try to offer value in the form of information. We should not focus on a direct sale as we would be making a serious mistake. It should be a slow process in which we develop trust with the customer, consequently their good vision and an improvement of the brand image. Here are some examples of content marketing.

How does content marketing differ from inbound marketing?

On many occasions, these two terms have led to confusion and although they have certain similarities, they are not the same thing.

Inbound marketing is a methodology in which the entire process is developed. That is to say, from the customer’s call for attention, their contact until the customer is converted. Finally, customer loyalty is also sought.

Content marketing is simply a technique and not a methodology. Inbound marketing may use this technique in some of its points, but it is not essential to use it in the methodology.

Therefore, it is possible that they can go together as well as separately. Inbound marketing is a broader concept, in which the content marketing technique may or may not be implemented. Although it is usually normal to see this technique within Inbound.

In terms of the development of both, in international content marketing, it is necessary to have creative content, with people with knowledge in writing and visual arts. While in Inbound it is a more numerical work, based on statistics, analysis of variables, knowledge in SEO and automated processes.

Reasons to make your content strategy international

We have mentioned before that the first objective of content marketing is to attract customers by giving them value with what you write. Therefore, taking this content strategy to an international level can bring many benefits to your business.

1.    Enrich your SEO

Google really likes to see that you are putting out content consistently. That’s why when you optimise your content for multiple countries and languages, you get Google to see that you care about the needs of each customer.

Apart from that, you get more value out of every text you write. With a single topic, you will rank for more keywords when translating your content. This will be more valuable to get a higher “Domain Rate” within your business.

2.    Improving brand image

The feeling of entering a website and not having the content in your natural language is very unpleasant. It is indeed difficult to cover all the languages that exist, but a few are essential. For our taste, having your website in English and Spanish is basic. They are two of the most spoken languages in the world and through which you are going to get more customers.

When a customer enters your website, sees that you have a button to click on and that the content is directly in their language, they feel at ease. It gives them the feeling that you care about them, that you want them to be there and that you want to make them feel comfortable. That is why your brand image will go up and they will recommend you in any conversation.

3.    Expand your market for action

Sometimes we have set up our business in a country where opportunities are more limited and we are losing customers by not taking the step towards internationalisation. Even if our company is small, we should not be afraid of opening borders.

Nowadays, an international content marketing process does not have to be particularly expensive. With the ease that the internet gives us to position ourselves wherever we want, social networks and online advertising can be our best allies.

How should we carry out the international content strategy?

Without going too deeply into the steps to follow to carry out an international content strategy, we believe that some tips can be useful.

To begin with, we must know where we want to target, what our audience will be. Once we know that, we should consult what their cultural patterns are and what restrictions they have. This will be something basic so that there are no misunderstandings.

On the other hand, it is important to ally with a local company or have a contact where we want to position ourselves. If we go hand in hand with someone it will always be easier to immerse ourselves in that market by developing good trust. If we talk about the online world, appearing on local websites or allying with a large company in the country will have a very big impact.

One piece of advice we give from our company is to try to localise the content rather than simply translating your website. It is important to know where it will be targeted and adapt to the visions of each site.

If you want to start with your international content marketing campaign, at Nementio we are specialists in the realization of these and their integration into the Inbound methodology. Do not hesitate to contact us to make it happen.

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