Spanish inbound marketing agency

Inbound marketing is in our DNA

Even before knowing about inbound marketing, we were already doing it. Because Inbound is about doing things right, giving before receiving, and building healthy and stable relationships with our clients. We make ethic and sustainable marketing, not only because we believe that is better in the long term, or because it guarantees a good reputation for brands, is because it is part of our DNA.

Despite being a young and small agency, we are proud of the work we make every day with our clients, who recognize our implication and professional skills and stay with us because their results are better day by day.

we believe in

People first

In Nementio we believe that people are the most important. We made marketing of people for people, we love to have good relationships with our clients.


We know how important are the results and the dreams of our clients, that’s why we made them ours.


Of course we don’t know everything, but we learn every day because we want to be the best.


There is no benefit without risk. We believe that good ideas could come from anywhere, and that’s why we are open to explore and try new options to achieve the best results.


Good results do not come overnight. Being successful needs to have a plan and being constant with your actions.


If determination is needed to move forward, adaptation is the key to succeed. Only the ones with the ability to adapt can survive.

And dream of

Our mission is to help good companies to grow in the global market, designing successful strategies and helping them build relationships with their customers in a useful, ethical and sustainable way.

6 facts about us

Founded in 2013

We started as many others, offering marketing services, design and social media, but we had something special. Our agency was created by three people who accumulated more tan 20 years of experience combining consulting services, graphic design and communication.

First projects

From the beggining we have focused on successful projects, based on a way of doing marketing that is always focused on goals and results.

Inbound Agency

Soon we discovered inbound methodology and we saw that it fit perfectly with the way we worked.

HubSpot Partners

In 2015 we made a big decision when we decided to become a Hubspot partner. Our first project 100% inbound changed us. The result: from 500 to 6,000 visits per month on the website and the number of leads increased 8 times.

International projects

We work with clients from UK to LATAM who trusts us to help them expand their business in their local market or into Spanish speaking markets.


We focus on industries where we have deep knowledge and experience: IT, software/SaaS and B2B services. We are also specialized in helping companies that want to come to Spain, supporting them in the process and advising them on what they needed.

Take the first step forward

If you’re interested in learning more about how Nementio can help you expand your business to Spain and Spanish speaking countries, let’s talk.