Create a website that your Spanish audience love.

Don’t translate. Localize

One of the first concerns in companies looking to market and sell their products and services in Spain or Spanish speaking countries is having a Spanish version of their website.


Hiring someone to translate all the content from the English site, page by page and almost word by word, is the first approach for many companies.


This is not a great idea. Why? Keep reading.


Spain is different

Not only Spain but every country in the world has its own cultural differences and language nuances. You need to adapt your brand and your messages for your Spanish audience if you want to compete on equal terms with your Spanish competitors.


You don’t need that your Spanish audience understand your brand. You need them to love it.

Google must love it too

As important as mastering the Spanish language and culture is knowing your industry jargon and terminology. So we only create content for businesses we do know well.

Spanish SEO

Accurate content translation and localization.

Keyword analysis and adaptation.

SEO meta-data translation.

Local backlink strategy.

Technical Issues

Domain and sub-domain analysis.

Spanish hosting.

Technical configuration and website structure.

Google tools configuration and management.