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If you are entering the world of online sites, you have probably already researched the importance of having a domain name. In this article, we will talk about how to choose one and register it.

What is the domain and how is it formed?

To go in an orderly fashion, let’s first talk about the domain. You must know the concept well to know how you can select the ideal domain for your digital project.

The domain is the name of a website. It is the way for users to identify it. So that you understand the concept, think how difficult it would be to find a website if you had to search for it by IP. It would be almost impossible, wouldn’t it? The domain makes this process more accessible; it is something like the website’s online address, that’s why it is in the URL.

This element is made up of two parts: name and extension. This is important to know since, when selecting the domain, you will have to choose both parts separately.

The name is the part that you are free to select. There are no limitations to this choice. You can use any combination of words and letters (although we will advise you on this).

Dominio construccion

The issue becomes a little more complicated in the case of the extension. There is a list of extensions that can currently be used. In other words, you don’t have as much freedom in this choice as before. Although there is an extensive list, you will find something that suits you.

The extensions are the ones that determine the type of domain you are going to select. There are three: generic, geographic, and third level. The generic is the one that covers a specific category, such as the io or com domain.

The geographic is the one that has an extension that refers to a country or region (for example, mx for Mexico, ar for Argentina, co for Colombia). Finally, third-level domains are a combination of generic and geographic. The most common ones include .com before, such as or

Now, there is one more small limitation regarding the domain. As mentioned, it acts as the digital address of a project. Just like physical addresses, no two can be the same. That is to say, if the domain you choose is taken, you will have to go for another option.

How do I choose the ideal domain?

No magic formula tells you step-by-step how to select the ideal domain name. But we can share some tips that will surely be useful and help you make a well-thought-out choice.

  • Ask yourself about the objective of the website. Being clear about what you want to achieve, the audience you will target, and the field you will work in is essential to think about a name.
  • Make a list of words you can use. Don’t start with the name; first, break down the words that you think are most important for your project. It is best to brainstorm with people close to what you are going to do. This will also help you with SEO positioning.
  • Put together naming options considering that it should be memorable. When mixing words, remember that the name has to be easy to say and spell. This is essential for users to remember it.
  • Have at least three viable options. As you know, the first option may be taken. It is best to have extra ideas in case something goes wrong.
  • Take time to think about the best extension. The extension you choose will determine, in part, the trust of users and will directly influence the branding of your project.

How to register the domain once you have made your choice?

Registrar dominio

Now, the step by step to register the domain.

1. Search on different domain platforms for the one you have selected.

Don’t just stick with one option. Shop around to compare prices and see what is available. Research at least two platforms.

2. Check the availability of all three options.

On each platform, you should check the availability of the options you have chosen and the cost of each option. It doesn’t matter if you have a preferred name; check all three domains to get the whole picture.

3. In case none of them are available, check the options provided by the platform.

It may happen that none of the options is available for you to buy. Don’t worry! These platforms are for buying and selling domains; when they cannot offer you the one you are looking for, they offer you variables, so you can choose.

4. When you have the right one, select the period for which you want to buy it.

Domains are not bought forever. They are purchased for a certain period that, in many cases, you can choose on the platform where you purchase it. If you have that possibility, check the options. Sometimes it is more economical to contract a domain for extended periods.

5. Fill in the owner’s details and make the corresponding payment.

Finally, it is time to process it. Fill in the corresponding forms with the details of the person who will own the domain. Make the payment, and the domain is yours!

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