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Sometimes we look at the statistics on our pages or the content we upload and notice that the CTR is not good enough. We have a lot of impressions, but our organic positioning is not good enough for people to get to our post, even if it’s of great quality. There are tricks and strategies to be able to improve the CTR and thus make profitability to that content in which you have worked so hard. 

What is CTR?

Click Through Rate or CTR is the Rate that measures the number of clicks you receive on your link, whether it’s a blog, online store, or website, divided among the impressions you’ve received.

Impressions are the times your Page has appeared on users’ screens. That is, if for example your Page has received 10,000 impressions and 200 users have decided to enter your Page, you will have a CTR of 2%.

Factors relevant to CTR

CTR is a fact that has many characteristics when studying it since it can be influenced by many aspects. The most important are:

Google Results Positioning

The main value that will determine that your CTR is better or worse is its position within Google results. This means that a page that is in a very low position is difficult to have a good CTR.

Usually, for your CTR to be good, you must be in at least the top 10 positions for the search that interests you. Still, if you’re not in the top positions, you may have a low CTR.

Now think about when you search for a topic you need and see how the first few times you enter a page to match the first positions, regardless of other variables. In rare cases, you will decide to go to a result on the second page of Google (Results 11-20).

Keyword or Keyword

The keyword or commonly known as Keyword is one of the main features that lead to positioning your website well. If you manage to adapt to what the customer is going to look for and that your Page contains the information according to it, you will have achieved part of the challenge. On the other hand, don’t try to put the keyword too many times or Google will detect that you want to cheat.

Generate attractive titles

It will also be important, even if it does not lead you to position better that you choose the title of your ticket well. That is, when you want a person to enter your link, this link must generate attraction, which is an attractive title for the consumer will lead you to enter. By this, we do not mean that they are misleading titles that have nothing to do with the content of the website, but you make the most of your chances of attraction, observing that it is what can be most attractive about your page and giving it the importance, it deserves in the title.

On the other hand, you must also consider the audience to which you are addressing and adapt it to them. If you’re creating a blog post about tips for selling SaaS, try to make your post as eye-catching as possible for entrepreneurs who are at that point in their business.

For example, “Get twice as many SaaS sales by following these 10 tips.”

Take care of your URLs

Usually, when you create a new page on your blog or websites, you create a URL automatically. On many occasions, these URLs are too confusing, long, or do not correctly express the content of the page.

In this case, you can always make a change to that URL, trying to make it short and concise. Above all, you should make sure that the URL has the Keyword inside since it will also help your positioning and the trust generated in the user.

For example, in the entry we talked about earlier, we saw surely the URL would be something like:

  • -the-double-of-sales-SaaS-following-these-10-tips/

This URL is too long and doesn’t feel like it’s optimized enough for search engines. Instead, the following might be more successful:


Organic CTR: How to measure it.

The best tool that currently exists to measure your CTR is the one offered by Google, called Search Console.

It gives you a summary of the number of impressions each of your pages gives you, as well as the number of clicks that occur on them. From this data, it easily gives you your CTR.

All of this is also expressed visually with line charts. You must break down that data to know where you’re strongest. That is, it gives you the total number and your average position, but you have at your disposal different ways to segment the study:

  • Country
  • Page
  • Queries or Keywords
  • Devices
  • Dates

For example, if you’re at a time when you want to try to enter a specific market, such as the US market, you’ll be able to study how your US Page worked on specific dates.

For more questions about the SEO positioning of your website, do not hesitate to consult with us.

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