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The mobile market is growing, it’s something we can’t deny. According to the Media Consumption Forecast made by Zenith, it’s estimated that in the next few years, the 24% of the media consumption will be via mobile phones.

The marketing industry will always surprise us with new techniques to reach potential customers and at the moment, mobile design, apps and e-commerce are the most relevant tools.

Companies have to be able to adapt themselves and evolve if they want to attract more traffic through these channels and that’s why they need to adequate their online platforms with responsive design and mobile versions.

Responsive design or Mobile Marketing?

Likewise you have heard about responsive design. The one that adapt your website to different devices, depending on where we are navigating, with the same URL. The advantages of this design are the usability we gain and the SEO improvement, making easier that Google index our website. This design has also its disadvantages, like the loading time can increase a bit.

Mobile Marketing is a strategy where we design specific content for the mobile version of the website, with different content and different URL’s. Sometimes can affect the positions on the search engines like Google. This strategy must be focused on specific objectives like attracting clients, interaction with them and delighting with the content we are creating to make them love our brand.

Before starting the strategy for mobile devices, probably you should spend a minute thinking about these questions:

  • “Is it worth to invest in a mobile version?”: Maybe your target audience is not using mobile devices to look for information, so invest money in this version of your web is not worth. Remember that the goal of your company is to have more revenues, probably is better to invest in a responsive version.
  • Define your buyer personas: As we have already told you in previous posts, defining your buyer personas, the target audience of your company is essential. With their profiles in mind you will understand their needs and their behavior easily.

What happens if my company doesn’t have a responsive web?

If you haven’t think about it until now don’t worry, you still have time to modify your web to responsive version or to design a mobile one. When your current website is adapted you will avoid these problems:

  • Not having the correct traffic: Without the correct design you can lose almost 40% of the traffic you could have.
  • First impressions count. If a new client arrives on your website and he finds problems to navigate in it, he will probably left to go to other website with better appearance.
  • The forms: As we have told you many times before, having forms is essential to give our clients the possibility to contact with you. If there are visualization problems of the forms in a mobile device, you will frustrate your customers and they won’t fill the form to get in touch with the company.

If you are thinking about having a website in Spanish for you product or service don’t hesitate to contact with us. We are experts in web design and we can do it for you!

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