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We’ve already written two posts with the same main idea: setting up your website’s SEO is easy, but it’s laborious. Appearing at the top of search results can be done, but it requires as much effort as creating your page.

The two posts featured twelve ideas to optimize the SEO of your website and another with 12 other ideas to optimize the SEO of your website. In this third part, we are going to see four last ideas, perhaps the most important ones.

Bad SEO can lead to Google sanctions for duplicate content, keyword abuse, etc. So, if you follow these steps wrong you could get the very opposite effect. Therefore, if you are not going to read them and follow them carefully, you may want to leave the SEO of your page in the hands of professionals: Appearing at the top of Google results is always going to be a good investment.

Last steps to improve your SEO.

  1. Update frequently.
    Google gives more importance to new content than old content, so update often. The more you refresh, the more times Google will crawl your page. Update at least once a week. The more you update the more times the Google bot will review your website. If you don’t have enough knowledge to write in Spanish, hire someone to write for you.
  2. Use Google Tools.
    Yes, again. But it is so important that we need to tell it again. Do you have a business? Use Google my business and tell Google about your business. The more information the better. Do you know Google Website Optimizer? It will help you test which is the best version of your page for Google. Are you looking for keywords? Google Trends. Google itself, that is who you want to like you, gives you tools to charm him. Don’t let them pass you by.
  3. Use social networks.
    If you have content that has the potential to be viralized (something that is very difficult to know), don’t hesitate to share it. If a lot of people link to you from a social network, if a lot of people share a URL of your page on their Facebook wall, or if a lot of people reuse your content, Google will look at you. Every link you put on a social network – even your own updates – is an inbound link to your page. That’s why it’s worth having your website updated.
  4. Help somebody. Became an expert. Help people in forums and blogs. Answers questions. If your website is, for example, computer science and you answer a lot of computer questions in forums and blogs, having your website in your signature, you have a lot of ballots to start being known and positioned as an expert in your field, which will increase your reputation in the eyes of your users and Google. But don’t do spam, because it is easily spotted.

If this is hard for you or you don’t have time enough, let somebody take care for you.

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